aluminum part laser engraved anodized aluminum

Laser Marking in Mechanical Engineering

Guaranteed traceability

Trotec laser machines are used in every stage of the industrial production process. Especially when it comes to guaranteeing traceability laser marking is perfect, as it is permanent and resistant - even to mechanical stress or weather influence. It can be used for all forms on almost any material and consequently is a tool suitable to a wide range of components.

​Intelligent software for optimal process integration

Thanks to Trotec's pre-installed intelligent software solutions you can also easily generate your own serial numbers, dates, part numbers or date codes and use them to cost-efficiently mark components or workpieces. This guarantees independence from external marking service providers and high quality for your products. You can also easily produce your own identification or other data plates and thus save time and money! Trotec's software packages guarantee smooth process integration and full flexibility.


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