Laser cutting ireland: Why bring lasers in-house?

A common dilemma faced by many businesses is whether to purchase a laser cutting machine or to outsource laser work. This question is true for businesses throughout Ireland, the UK and further afield. Outsourcing can be an attractive option for newer businesses, working on an as and when basis for services, however as requests begin to increase, many businesses will elect to bring laser cutting in-house due to the array of benefits offered by the technology. Read on to find out more about why you should consider bringing laser cutting technology in house and the benefits it could bring to your business.

The benefits of bringing laser cutting in house

Regardless of the service, outsourcing is popular for many businesses. Laser cutting is no exception, especially with the growing trend towards laser cut and engraved products. A common argument against bringing laser cutting technology in-house is the initial cost of purchase, however this is easily negated by the other benefits brought. Not only does outsourcing over long periods increase business costs, but a laser will also make you more productive, allow you to expand your product range, offer quick turnarounds on projects and prototype ideas easily. What's more, you will have complete quality control over your products. For more information about whether a laser cutter is right for your business, read our blog where we discuss whether a laser cutter is the right investment for your business. Is a laser cutter right for my business?

Visit our laser cutting Dublin showroom

If we've piqued your interest in laser cutting and engraving technology, make sure to book a demonstration at our Dublin showroom with our Irish sales manager Andrew Dudley. Andy has a wealth of industry experience and will make sure your business finds the optimal laser solution for its needs. The showroom is fully stocked with a range of laser cutting machines, including Trotec entry level systems, as well as high-speed laser marking systems. Find out more about our laser cutting Dublin showroom Book a laser demo

Wee County Trophies – Reducing lead times          

Irish laser cutting and engraving business Wee County trophies produce a wide range of gifts and awards with their trotec laser cutter. Initially using mechanical engraving machines, owners Sean and Petra decided to bring laser cutting machines in house to help reduce the lead times for projects. Whilst mechanical engraving was capable of processing many of their materials, all woods, glass and acrylics had to be outsourced. The introduction of laser technology not only allowed them to remove outsourcing, they were also able to expand their product range.  Read the full story now

Vinehall Displays – improved quality control and diversification

Laser cutting Dublin business Vinehall Displays found diversification at a crucial time by investing in in-house laser technology. Gerry and the team began outsourcing laser work to a local business due to increased demand for the application. Initially an effective solution, quality issues arose leading to Gerry investing in is own laser to develop stringent quality control over products for clients. The laser also enabled Vinehall to broaden its product range and diversify during the 2020 pandemic when demand for their main products decreased. Thanks to the level of work received, the laser had paid for itself within 6 months. Find out more about Vinehalls story