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About SignShop.Amsterdam.

SignShop.Amsterdam is a young, innovative, leading and growing company. What once started as a communication agency has now grown into the one-stop-shop for original & authentic signs in Amsterdam. "Our work area is large, from facade advertising, window decoration, signage to illuminated advertising. Signshop. Amsterdam has a large stock of various materials, such as wood, brass, enamel and many kinds of plastics. We all manufacture this traditionally by hand or digitally using a laser engraving machine. Our work area may be very large, but our objective is not. We try to customize signs according to the needs of the customer." And with the help of the Trotec Laser Speedy 300, Nicole de Bruin and Simone Zwaagman from SignShop. Amsterdam only want to grow further.

Endless applications.

Walking through the city you can see them everywhere: on shop walls, as a signboard or on passing vans. Whether you go for lunch at the food halls or go shopping at your favorite shop, there is no escape of visual identities.

By combining years of experience and know-how with the laser machine from Trotec Laser, Signshop.Amsterdam can now work out the most unique and authentic ideas in the best way. "Nowadays customers want more than just low prices. Customers want the freedom to follow their own path and going through a pre-defined process, also called the customer-managed journey. The Trotec laser machine precisely connects to this trend. We can supply the signs we make cut to size, because the laser machine can deliver very accurate results. Our customers can also have a saying in the design of the product because the laser machine is so easy to use," states Nicole and Simone. "We notice that the customers really appreciate that the laser machine we use is user-friendly. Because we no longer have to outsource orders, the customer can watch, co-decide and if necessary also make adjustments." But not only for their customers, the machine is user-friendly, the two owners of the Signshop also think it's a simple device that can also be adjusted very accurately. "If we can do, everybody can, " the two ladies joke.

The Trotec solution.

"Customization requires a laser machine. The Trotec laser machine will not only give our company more freedom: where we always had to outsource products, we can also create these ourselves thanks to the Speedy 300. It also gave us more opportunities for experimentation because we can now refine the products ourselves. Oh and a further advantage" the ladies continue, "we can now offer products faster to the customer. All these points have led our customers to cooperate with us with great pleasure and we therefore generate more business."

"We thought about buying a laser machine for almost 4 years. It is not something that you just buy, it is something where an investment is needed. Now, we can conclude it is definitely worth the money. A laser retains its value and everything you can do with it is unbelievable. The customer experience is also very important and we as customers had a very good feeling at Trotec Laser. It goes much further than just the purchase of a laser machine, we got the right handles to use the machine in the best possible and effective way. It is nice that at Trotec Laser you can also follow training courses that will guide you through the world of laser engraving, laser marking and laser cutting and we can always call them for laser-related questions. Or visit Trotec for a cup of coffee."

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