trotec laser success story makecover

MakeCover building the future.

'Building for the future', that is what Ronald Steenkist of MakeCover thought when purchasing the new Trotec Speedy 400 laser machine.
Trotec customer MakeCover and his founder Ronald Steenkist

Sign company MakeCover.

MakeCover is a sign company that focuses on the signing, decoration, renovation, restyling and visual communication of both the interior and exterior of office buildings. This includes signposting, wall visuals, window films, stretch ceilings, sun protection films and window films. "We make buildings and offices more beautiful and comfortable," says Ronald. Ronald founded MakeCover in March 2013 and the team now consists of 3 people. Jeffrey is responsible for work preparation, DTP layout and internal production. Patrick is a collaborative foreman in the assembly projects and Ronald himself is responsible for sales, marketing, product development, assembly and other other matters.


Endless possibilities with the laser machine.

"From July this year we are the proud owner of a Speedy 400 laser machine from Trotec Laser," says Ronald Steenkist. 'A wonderful addition to our existing machinery. We want to develop our own signing and signage systems with the laser machine. The possibilities with a laser machine are so diverse that we can expect to expand our product range enormously and that we will enter new markets. We cannot wait to fully use the machine. I already have beautiful materials in mind for, among other things, creating logos. I can purchase this from Trotec, as they are a total supplier in the field of laser solutions. Products that appeal to me are, for example, TroGlass (acrylic), TroLase (multi-layered plastics) and various types of wood. At the end of the month I get an additional application training, so I can get the most out of my laser machine, "says Ronald Steenkist.

Trotec laser at makecover

The Trotec benefits.

'There are many suppliers of laser machines in the market. The choice did not go without ice overnight. I already had a good relationship with John Goedhart from Trotec Laser. So I started calling him for the possibilities. He invited me to a demonstration in the showroom in Barneveld. Here I was convinced by the quality of the laser machine and the ease of use. It is in my opinion the Mercedes among the laser machines. At MakeCover we are ready to build for the future! ", Says Ronald Steenkist.

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