Trotec laser makes the cut at printed electronics device manufacturer.

Diverse processes.

M-Solv are an Oxford-based equipment manufacturer and innovation leader. Initially specialising in the production of high-end laser and inkjet printing tools, M-Solv has gone on to develop a number of specialist production processes and now manufactures printed electronic devices, such as biomedical sensors and capacitive touch screens, for businesses who prefer to outsource this activity.

M-Solv has over 10 years of experience and prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation and technology, providing customers with reliable and innovative products and services.

Accuracy and reliability are key.

During the production of capacitive touch sensors it is necessary to laminate the sensor to the cover lens with a layer of transparent polymer. M-Solv needed to find an effective method of cutting these polymers. Despite the extensive range of machinery available, including laser technology and printing machines, the cutting of polymers has always been a manual process. M-Solv needed to find a more accurate and reliable processing method.

The laser cutter has integrated well into our already established production line and as a result we have seen significant improvements in the accuracy and speed of this part of the production process. We chose Trotec because we'd seen one of our partner companies using a Trotec machine for a similar application, the build-quality and local support has been infallible.

Phil Rumsby

Speedy production capabilities.

M-Solv opted to add a Speedy 360 to their processing arsenal. The production of Industrial grade capacitive touch sensor modules are made in varying sizes from a few inches up to over 24, making a larger bed size the ideal choice.

The process of laminating the cover lenses to the sensors for critical display applications requires high precision as the polymer sheets have to be handled carefully and cut with intricate contours and are often very large, making the Speedy laser the ideal tool for processing.

The Speedy 360 is a flatbed laser with a bed size of 813mm x 508mm, high-speed processing up to 3.55m/sec and a superior product build for dust protection; making it a versatile option for integration in to production lines where cutting, engraving and marking of materials, parts or components is required.

Since the Speedy 360 was to the production line, M-Solv haven't been disappointed by its ability to precisely laser cut the materials with minimal wastage. It increases yield and also saves time compared to the manual method previously used, offering the capabilities to produce higher volumes. M-Solv have also been able to utilise the laser cutter for additional projects, including creating jigs and templates for use elsewhere in the production plant.

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