acrylic pendant laser cutting

Lasermade Jewelry
Necklace with Laser-Cut Pendant

This pendant is made of 13 laser-cut and engraved pieces. The exact correction of the cutting gaps guarantees a firm hold without glue and the engraving elements allow countless designs.


Required material
Trotec laser used
  • Speedy 360
  • 60 watts
  • 1.5 inch lens

To avoid ''kick-backs'' or reflections, use a honeycomb cutting table or an acrylic cutting grid table.



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Step by step

assembly instruction for pendant
Step 1

Step 1: Design

Start the process by opening the provided PDF template and then upload the artwork to the laser. You can also create your own design and add a personal touch to the pendant.

Wanting to use a different material?

Remember that the cutting gap has been designed specifically for TroLase Reverse 1.6mm. When using other materials it may be necessary to adapt parameters and geometries according to the thickness of your chosen material.

pendant made from acylic
Step 2

Step 2: Laser Parameters

We used a Speedy 360 (60 watts power) to cut and engrave the material. We've sent the graphics with 600 dpi to the laser and used the following parameters:

Laser Settings

Engraving: Power: 100% - Speed: 60% - Frequency: 1000 ppi - Air Assist: On -
Z-Offset: 2.5mm
Cutting: Power: 50% - Speed: 0.6% - Frequency: 2000 Hz - Air Asisst: On

Additionally we activated the optimized geometries-function to achieve an even higher quality.

laser cut plexiglass pendant
Step 3

Step 3: Cleaning and assembling

In the event that you need to clean the pieces, simply remove dust with a soft cloth by gently wiping it away. After that you can easily put the pieces together. There is no glue needed, because the pieces fit together perfectly.


To cut the stand, you can also use our template.

acrylic pendant laser cutting
Step 4

Step 4: Attach the ribbon

To start assembling the piece of jewellery, start by taking the small disk with the hole. You're then going to pull the ribbon through and secure it with a knot. Cut the excess bits of ribbon off with a scissor. 

In the pictures below we have edited ou the ribbon - this is just so that you can see the assembly better.

plexiglass for jewelry making laser
Step 5

Step 5: First side part

Now insert one of the connecting side parts of the disc.

acrylic pendant laser cut
Step 6

Step 6: Insert discs

Interlock all the remaining disks to the side part. Pay careful attention to the order in which you assemble it.

laser cut plexiglass pendant
Step 7

Step 7: Other side parts

As a final step, put the other side parts around and the necklace is ready to use.

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