SpeedMarker 1300 xl versions

Laser marking of large and heavy workpieces

The large SpeedMarker 1300 xl laser workstation is used for laser marking of large, heavy workpieces and is available in 3 versions: In addition to the basic version as a large laser marking station, the SpeedMarker 1300 xl can also be configured with a protruding, pullout shuttle table or double shuttle table.

This allows heavy components to be positioned with cranes or other tools for the marking process. The max. workpiece height, depending on the lens, is up to 764 mm (F-160: 687 mm / F-254: 537 mm).

1. SpeedMarker 1300 xl basic version:

Large laser workstation with a work area of up to 1,000 x 500 mm.

2. Pullout table:

A large pullout table as the Y axis, which is mobile across the entire width of the workstation. Work area:  1,000 x 375mm

3. Pullout double shuttle table

Two shuttle tables, each spanning over half the working area. These can either be controlled alternatingly (for a semi-automated marking process), or be moved simultaneously (for the marking of large components). Work area: 2 x 500 x 375 mm

SpeedMarker marking laser

High-speed laser marking for industrial applications

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