Section mode

Up to 4 different applications simultaneously on one machine

  • Up to four independent applications in 7 sections on one machine 
  • Different designs, materials and laser processes possible in each section 
  • Set production increases productivity, saves time and money 

Within the section mode of the SP-xP, users can execute up to four distinct laser applications simultaneously in a single pass. Each of the seven sections offers the flexibility to process diverse designs, materials, and laser techniques independently. For instance, it's possible to cut or engrave thick acrylic, printed cardboard, wood veneer, and foils concurrently. 

By implementing set production strategies, productivity is enhanced as the SP-xP operates continuously. This approach minimizes the need for costly intermediate storage and optimizes the production process and material flow. As a result, users can streamline operations, boost efficiency, and maximize output without compromising on quality. 

SP series
Comprehensive solution for cutting large-format materials.

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