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New Acrylic Processing Guide: FREE Download

Published on: 04/08/2019 Author: Trish Steding

Updated and expanded

Our new expanded acrylic processing guide is now available for download. Designed for beginners and intermediate laser users, the guide includes helpful processing tips and advice to help you improve your acrylic processing results. Additions to the new guide include an expanded troubleshooting section, more laser suggested laser settings, and information on different types of acrylic products and how to choose which type is best for your application.

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A popular choice for many applications

Acrylic has become increasingly popular due to its highly versatile nature, and because it is a convenient and affordable alternative to glass, making the material a popular choice for  applications such as signage, display stands, trophies and awards, and many more. A laser can process acrylic products with precision and speed, creating flame polished edges and high levels of detail with sharp depth, unlike any other technology. We created this guide to help you increase the quality and value of your laser-processed acrylic products, and broaden the range of products you can offer your customers. More online resources. 

Examples of laser-processed acrylic products

Lasers known for acrylic cutting capabilities

Processing acrylic with a laser cutter will provide significantly lower processing costs than traditional milling machines. Additionally, using a laser machine to cut acrylic will not only reduce processing time, but it will also produce flame-polished edges without requiring any additional post-processing. More on benefits of laser cutting versus other methods.

Trotec laser machines are known for their laser cutting capabilities, among other things. Trotec lasers are the fastest on the market, produce the finest details, and provide a broad range of capabilities.

TroGlass acrylic sheets

Our TroGlass laserable acrylic sheets offer a wide range of cast acrylic products in various colors and surface properties to accommodate a broad range of applications. TroGlass products combine benefits such as clarity and excellent light transmission with advantages such durability and scratch resistance. Each product in the TroGlass portfolio also comes standard with a plastic laserable mask, which protects the acrylic from scratching, reducing scrap and rework and improving processing results. TroGlass products also offer excellent light transmission and light diffusing properties, making them a popular choice for illuminated signs. When laser cut, TroGlass produces a smooth, polished edge in one process step, with little or no post-processing.

Learn more about TroGlass laserable acrylic products.

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