Join us at the Impressions Fort Worth Expo

Stop by our booth and see how our lasers can help you take your decorated apparel products to the next level

Published on: 08/31/2021 Author: Trish Steding

Visit us in Booth #205

Join us in Fort Worth on September 10-12 at the Impressions Expo to see our high-speed lasers in action. Visit us in booth #205 to find out how Trotec lasers can help you improve product quality and production efficiency for decorated apparel.

The Impressions Expo (formerly ISS) is a leading decorated apparel trade show and conference where exhibitors and industry experts provide resources for the decorated apparel industry. The conference features workshops and seminars that cover innovative approaches to all aspects of the industry. 

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Lasers for heat transfer materials

Trotec lasers are a great solution for many business who use heat transfer materials to decorate apparel. Processing heat transfer materials with a Trotec laser drastically increases production because it eliminates the "weeding" step. Laser processing this material also produces highly detailed results, and a clean-cut edge with little to no discoloration or heat affects. Using our Speedy 360 laser, we will be demonstrate a high-speed, high efficiency laser engraving process on heat transfer materials that eliminates the "weeding" step to further maximize efficiency. 

Watch video on "no-weeding" laser engraving on heat transfer materials

Boost quality and efficiency

In our booth this year, we will feature a Speedy 360 flexx laser to demonstrate how our lasers can produce even the most precise details in a fraction of the time. Our flexx technology, which combines a fiber and CO2 laser source into just one machine, further increases efficiency by allowing you to engrave and cut plastics, rubber, wood, leather and many other materials, and the fiber laser source allows you to mark metals and plastics. Depending on the material, the Speedy activates either the CO2 or the fiber laser in one pass.

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