February Third Thursday: Advanced CorelDRAW & Laser Techniques

Published on: 02/04/2021 Author: Ashley Atkins

Advanced CorelDRAW & Laser Techniques

Join us for another Third Thursday Workshop on February 18, 2021 at 12pm EST. Laser Dave will be bringing you a brand new course -- “Advanced CorelDRAW & Laser Techniques.” Joining Laser Dave for the Q&A session to follow will be Digital Art Solutions General Manager Craig Mertens and CorelDRAW Senior Product Trainer Roger Wambolt to offer additional insight on time saving methods and software expertise.


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Learn new skills for creating laser files

Laser Dave will walk you through a variety of new applications, share resources and show various CorelDRAW techniques that will save you time and improve your results. A few topics that Laser Dave will expand on include:

  • Creating laser-ready stencil files using clipping, welding, virtual segment delete and smart fill tools
  • Creating a 360° file for your laser rotary
  • Fixing DXF files so they laser cut faster and the laser does not jump
  • Creating an awards plaque file using fit text to path

Digital Art Solutions

Digital Art Solutions provides graphics software for screen printing, digital printing, laser engraving, rhinestone multi-decoration, heat-applied graphics and embroidery. Their vector graphics collections are production-ready and include design templates, vector clipart and cutting edge fonts.

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CorelDRAW Software

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 is a professional graphic design software available for both Windows and Mac. A trusted name in engineering, manufacturing, sign making,and marketing, CorelDRAW will support your laser designs in a variety of ways.

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