New Speedy Laser Machines

Our industry-leading Speedy lasers now feature even more performance boosting capabilities

Published on: 11/03/2020 Author: Trish Steding

Our tried and true Speedy 100 and 300 laser models combine the industry's fastest processing speeds, reliable, high-quality results, and the lowest cost of ownership with more productivity-boosting features than ever.

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The highest quality results even faster than before

The newly developed Ceramicore laser source for Speedy 100 and Speedy 300 enables laser engraving of finest structures, lines and characters, thanks to a very small beam diameter that provides a consistent engraving appearance over the complete working area. This technology -- already standard for higher power laser systems -- is now available for 30 and 45 watts as well.

The patented laser source concept represents reliability, high engraving quality and longevity. The resonator body where the laser radiation is generated is made of 100% ceramic. 

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Save time preparing laser files

Our Speedy 100 and 300 laser models now offer OptiMotion™- an innovative feature that automatically searches for optimal speed parameters. The operator needs to determine only the power and speed required to cut through the material or to vector engrave -- regardless of the cutting geometry. OptiMotion then calculates the speed and acceleration required to achieve the best quality at the highest speed. This significantly reduces the time and effort required for laser file preparation. In other words: OptiMotion boosts productivity by maximimizing cutting speed at highest cutting quality.

Increased comfort

The new Speedy laser engraving and cutting machines now also feature integrated LED lighting that provides a uniform illumination of the working area. This improves comfort and allows the user to set  engraving and cutting jobs more quickly. 

New keypad layout for optimized safety

Speedy lasers are designed for safe, reliable and efficient processing. The new Speedy laser engraving machines are equipped with features to further improve operator safety and comfort, including a new keypad layout that places the key switch and emergency stop switch next to the keypad. In addition, the new keypad design includes a standard and intuitive arrangement of the symbols including haptic elements for blind operation.

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