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Laser Engraving and Sandcarving Webinar Part II

Join us for another webinar with IKONICS Imaging and learn how laser engraving and sandcarving technologies work together

Published on: 07/15/2020 Author: Ashley Atkins

Join Trotec & IKONICS Imaging

Join us Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 1pm EST for another digital workshop with IKONICS Imaging -- Blazer. Laser, Carve. Part 2 and learn how to use your laser engraver and a sandblaster to take your applications to the next level. Darin "Doctor Fine Grit" Jones from IKONICS and Trotec's "Laser Dave" will show you how to create beautiful designs and increase the value of your products using Blazer Orange Laser Mask and a laser engraver in conjunction with a sandcarving machine. The presentation will cover halftone processing, large scale cutting and weeding applications, processing round and cylindrical objects and advanced processing techniques. Followed by a live interactive Q&A with Laser Dave & Darin "Dr. Fine Grit" Jones.

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Blazer Orange Laser Mask now available for purchase from Trotec Laser

Manufactured by IKONICS Imaging, Blazer Orange is a laserable film that can be used in conjunction with sandcarving equipment. It works by creating a protective barrier for the materials that will be sandcarved, such as glass, stone, or metal. The material is placed in a laser, and a design is cut into the laser film, creating a stencil. From there, the design can be sandcarved while the laser film protects the rest of the material, leaving a beautifully detailed design. Blazer Orange is now available in 25-foot rolls through Trotec Engraver's Network

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Blazer. Laser. Carve. Part 1

Click the link below to watch Darin "Dr. Fine Grit" Jones and Laser Dave as they introduce you to Blazer Orange Laser Mask and the basics of how laser engravers and sandcarvers can be used in conjunction to broaden your product line, increase the perceived value of your products, and make you more profitable.

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