new financing options to grow business

New Financing Options

Find out how you can start making money with your Trotec laser before you make your first payment

Published on: 01/22/2021

New financing options that can put a Trotec within your reach

It's no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant financial impact on small business owners, making it difficult for many to make major business investments. Yet investing in a Trotec laser allows you to make improvements in production efficiency and product value that could be key to helping you remain profitable, especially in an uncertain environment. That's why we are offering new game-changing options that could place a Trotec laser within your reach -- including no money down followed by six months of deferred payments, leasing programs, and more options for start-up businesses. More on Trotec laser ROI.

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A range of options

Because we meet a diverse customer base with diverse needs, we work with a lender who offers a range of programs and options, including:

  • No money down with 6-month deferred payments at $29/month followed by 24-60 month finance terms (for established businesses).
  • Business financing for start-ups at 15.0% APR fixed, with 15% down.
  • Rental program for start-ups at 0% APR, with two payments down (applied to first & last payment) for select Trotec laser systems, including Trocare for 2-3 year rental term.

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We are offering new ways to connect with us virtually, including live web demonstrations, digital presentations for our monthly Third Thursday workshops, and additional webinars on current industry topics. Check our event calendar for upcoming events or follow us on social media. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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