Third Thursday Textile Processing Webinar

Join us for a virtual laser workshop this month on textile processing

Published on: 04/01/2020 Author: Trish Steding

Trotec Third Thursday workshop series goes virtual

Join us as we continue our Third Thursday workshop series virtually on April 16th with an educational webinar on laser processing textile materials. This month's workshop will demonstrate different techniques for cutting and engraving textiles, explain the advantages of processing them with a laser, and give examples of textile applications in various industries and markets. More on processing textiles with a laser.

Hosted by our technical applications expert David Stevens, the webinar will begin at 12:00 on April 16th with a comprehensive presentation, and then will be followed by a live Q&A session in which attendees can ask questions, get advice on individual applications, and connect with local laser representatives

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Discover new processing capabilities

Designed to teach you new laser skills and applications that will help you grow business, this webinar will explain how to laser process textile materials such as fleece, polyester, denim, cotton, leather, felt, twill, and more, and give examples of different textile applications could help you grow your product line. Attendees will also learn about different processing methods and techniques such as cutting precise details and contours, denim engraving, and advanced skills such as working with layered fabrics and silk, heat transfer applications, and more. More on laser processing textiles.

Advantages of lasers over other processing methods

The webinar will also demonstrate several advantages that lasers provide versus other methods of processing textiles -- including increased production from high-speed processing, the ability to produce precise details and meet tight specifications, and higher-quality results with no post-processing. Once heat is applied to textile from the laser beam, the edges are perfectly sealed, preventing the material from fraying. Watch high-speed laser processing in action.

Ways to connect with us virtually

In addition to webinar options for upcoming Third Thursday workshops, you can connect with us virtually via live interactive web demos. We also continue to offer online resources such as laser tutorials and guides, files for download, and a library of youtube videos. You can also connect with your laser user community by engaging with us on social media.

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