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SP2000 Laser Cutter Honored with SGIA Product of the Year Award

Published on: 10/25/2018 Author: Trish Steding

We have a winner ...

We are proud to announce that our SP2000 laser cutter for large format materials has received the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association’s (SGIA) Product of the Year Award in the Lasers-Routers-Cutters 4 x 8' or larger category.

More than 100 companies competed in the 2018 Product of the Year competition, submitting 255 entries in the 74 categories — the largest field of competitors in the award's program’s history. Product of the Year awards and entries were on display at the 2018 SGIA Expo.

“This was a banner year for entries,” said Ray Weiss, Director of Digital Print Programs, SGIA. “Product quality was outstanding, and the competition was fierce. Trotec's award was well-earned!”

The SP2000 laser cutting system was recognized for its combination of game-changing features that will help move the industry forward by allowing businesses to increase production efficiency, broaden product offerings, increase product quality and selling prices, and ultimately improve their competitive positions. The laser cutter combines a robust, ergonomic, and low-maintenance system design with high-speed, high power precision processing capabilities in the largest safety class 2 laser cutter on the market.The system was designed for efficient processing of large-format materials such as acrylics, wood, textiles and cardboard, to name a few. With a working area of 66 x 98 inches and access from all four sides, the system offers a generous working area with an ergonomic design. 

See SP2000 in action

In addition to easy access from all four sides, the SP2000 features a 71-inch-wide loading area at the front and the rear of the machine, allowing for unrestricted unloading and loading even while the machine is cutting. The setup will also drive productivity with processing speeds up to 6.5 feet per second, and laser power up to 400 watts. The fully enclosed beam path and additional safety features make the SP2000 a class 2 laser solution, eliminating the need for special safety measures. More on laser safety classifications.

The SP2000 laser system can cut and engrave a wide range of materials, including acrylics, wood, textiles and cardboard, to name a few. Primary markets for the new product include acrylic fabrication, such as point of purchase displays and signage (rigid and soft). The SP2000 is also used for manufacturing wood products such as toys or furniture, and for processing technical textiles and plastics (furniture, upholstery, clothing, automotive, labels and adhesives).

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