How to Use Social Media to Fund Your Laser

Published on: 06/01/2016

Creative financing

When traditional measures for raising money aren't possible, many are turning to social media sites as a means to raise dollars. This thinking paved the way for platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and gofundme -- websites that host a variety of pre-approved creative projects for the world to check out and donate money to when they are inspired by creativity and ambition. There have been a hand-full of successful Trotec customers who built business on the platform of Kickstarter, and turned their laser equipment into thriving businesses. These platforms give each campaign the chance to fund ideas, starting directly with the people who are closest to entrepreneur.

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Crowd funding guide for entrepreneurs

At Trotec, we know that fundraising isn't easy, and that most individuals who are passionate about building a business aren't independently wealthy. The business of securing a traditional loan or financing can be intimidating and daunting; it's always about profit or predictability. Not art or passion or talent or an incredible story of inspiration.

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Crowd funding guide for educators

Educational institutions have their own set of requirements and resources when it comes to raising money to support a new program. To meet the unique needs of educators, we created a guide to crowd funding for educators.

Crowd Funding Guide for Educators