What laser training do Trotec offer?

New laser user trainings

After the initial training you receive upon machine installation, Trotec also offers many additional online educational resources as well as in-person workshops that will support your ongoing laser knowledge. Each workshop offered has its own specific focus, which can cover anything from Rotary 101, Vision, JobControl Basics, industrial applications, consumable processing and more. Trainings are tailored for new laser users and are a great way to keep up on laser technology trends and maximizing machine capabilities.  Attendees like to use these trainings to deepen their first experiences with lasers and regardless of the specific focus of each workshop, the trainings will teach laser users how to increase productivity through processing applications more efficiently.

Advanced laser user trainings

Once you have developed a good understanding of basic laser knowledge, topics such as photo engraving, acrylic cutting and wood processing with lasers are our most popular courses that are available. Starting with basic knowledge, you will learn how your laser engravings and cuts can become more precise, as well as which parameter settings can be changed on the laser to allow you to achieve even more impressive effects on your materials.
You will learn about selecting the proper graphic and dpi for your application, as well as why different resolutions will offer different engraving results. Additionally, you will also gain a deeper understanding of how to achieve different degrees of discoloration on wood, as well as many more exciting topics.  More about Trotec Academy

Tips and tricks available on the website

As the saying goes, time is money – this will often apply to your customers orders as well, which is why Trotec also offers an online library of content available 24/7 in addition to on-site trainings. The knowledge page on the Trotec homepage offers a ton of additional content, including tips for laser users, FAQs, DIY-samples, beginner’s guides, parameters and more. Content is regularly added and updated, so make sure to routinely visit the page for the newest material. DIY samples Tips & Tricks

YouTube video tutorials

The Trotec USA YouTube channel is another resource available that offers a wide range of training content. Browse training videos, applications and tutorials, all available at your fingertips 24/7. Learn new tips and tricks for working your Trotec laser machine, or get inspired by viewing the available templates and creative workpieces. Here is the Trotec USA YouTube channel:

Contact for trainings

At Trotec, we are glad to support our customers in any way that we can to you help maximize the use of your lasers and consumable materials. Take advantage of the many available training offerings to get tips and ideas for laser applications, information on optimizing your workflow, or recommendations on processing new materials.

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