Can Trotec lasers be used for metal processing?

Read more about the Trotec laser processes that can be used for metallic workpieces and what to consider.

Trotec lasers offer a series of standard solutions for engraving or marking metals that can be used for a broad range of applications.

Metallic workpieces can basically be cut using laser but there are a number of parameters that define suitability, such as metal type, thickness, quality desired and accuracy of the cut edges.

The Trotec lasers for cutting applications are currently optimized for working with non-metallic materials. Although there are some restrictions when cutting metallic workpieces, it is possible. Any application, however, should definitely be tested first.

Which laser sources can be used to cut metal?

In general, it is possible to cut metal with both CO2 and fiber laser. Metals such as steel or ferrous materials can be cut more easily than light or non-ferrous metals such as copper or aluminum.

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Under what conditions?

In general, process gases facilitate the cutting process and improve cutting quality in some applications. Gas kits (with appropriate fittings and nozzles on the work heads) are available for selected Trotec lasers and can be used with corresponding process gases (such as nitrogen).

What are typical laser cutting applications?

Thin foils made of materials based on ferrous materials can be cut with the CO2 laser.
Very reflective foils of copper or brass can be cut with similar performance using the fiber laser.

Metal applications

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