UniDrive Software

converts postscript formats to files that can be processed by laser

Available for Speedy and SP laser series

Available for  

Speedy Series
SP Series

Convert postscript files

The PS Converter is a program that converts files created in different formats to the "Trotec Spool File" format. This enables you to use these files in Trotec JobControl for engraving your jobs. Two different operating modes are available: In automatic mode, special directories are monitored and the files saved in these are converted automatically. In manual mode, you select one or more files, determine the settings, after which the converted files are saved in the Trotec spool directory.

Supported file formats

The postscript formats from the prepress EPS and PS, the data exchange format PDF, and the image formats uncompressed BMP, JPEG, and uncompressed TIFF.  They are Macintosh and Windows compatible.