Cutting Table

Available for  
Speedy 100           Speedy 100 fiber
Speedy 100 flexx
   Speedy 300         
Speedy 300 fiber   Speedy 300 flexx 

With these tables, perfect cutting results are guaranteed

The cutting tables from Trotec reduce beam reflection and the disadvantages associated with it during laser cutting. Depending on the laser machine and materials, we offer different options for this purpose.

Honeycomb table

The honeycomb table is available for Speedy 100, Speedy 100 fiber, Speedy 300, Speedy 300 fiber, Speedy 300 flexx, Speedy 400, Speedy 400 fiber and Speedy 400 flexx and the SP500. The stable structure provides a support surface for your materials. Combined with the vacuum table, the honeycomb table is ideal for cutting thin materials that require a strong vacuum effect. Connections provided in the lower honeycomb area ensure even distribution of the vacuum onto the entire work area.

Acrylic or aluminum grids

Alternatively, a combination of vacuum table and cutting table is available for Speedy 400 and SP500, combine the vacuum table with a white acrylic or a black aluminum grid.

Cutting lamellas

If you wish to process heavy materials with the Speedy 400 or SP500, the cutting table with lamellas is a good choice. Anodized aluminum lamellas lock in place and can be replaced by acrylic lamellas to prevent reflection during cutting. The nozzle rail that is integrated into the base frame generates an air crossjet that blows off any dust and vapors present underneath the material. The special shape of the air deflection surface ensures that the laser will not flame or damage the cut-out parts. 

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