SpeedCutter Twin - Stent Laser Cutting System

Precision for stent manufacturing

stent laser cutter

Producing stents involves cutting materials with maximum precision -- the kind of precision that only a laser machine can provide. Trotec's Speedcutter Twin is a unique tool that has revolutionized the way these implants are manufactured.

Parallel and automated

The Speedcutter Twin is a single laser system for producing stents that is equipped with two identical air-cooled laser fiber sources capable of cutting two stents simultaneously. The SpeedCutter Twin is a low-maintenance system that offers maximum reliability with minimal maintenance. The space-saving system is also equipped with an innovative automatic loading system that holds the tube being fed in perfectly in focus.

Solid construction for continuous operation

The laser machine features a granite construction to ensure absolute rigidity and support a high level of repeatability. The rugged design allows the system to be operated fully automated and produce stents 24 hours a day, which is a huge economic advantage for the operator that is not offered by any other system. With the included pre-tested and installed intuitive software, you can create and implement new geometry settings and stent designs within a very short period of time -- offering flexibility for you and your customer.

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