laser engraved t-shirt

Heat transfer film
cut with a laser

Step by step guide

Decorate apparel and textiles with your favorite designs, logos and lettering using heat transfer film and your Trotec laser. Download our template and follow our step-by-step instructions below.


Required material:

Heat transfer film, t-shirt, heat press

Used Trotec Laser:

Step by Step

Step 1: Engrave and cut the heat transfer material

You can use our template, download and modify it, or use your own original design. Send your design to the laser with the recommended laser parameters. The parameters might vary depending on the machine used and the available laser power.

Recommended parameters:

Engraving: Power: 50 %, Speed: 50 %, Resolution: 500 dpi, air assist on
Cutting: Power: 12 %, Speed 1 %, Frequency 1000 Hz, air assist on

Step 2: Finish your textile application

Use a heat press for transferring the heat transfer film on textiles. Transfer the film for 17 seconds at 329°F. Remove the liner when the material is completely cold. 

Watch video to see how a Trotec laser processes heat transfer materials.

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