engraved mirror

Laser engraved
Mirror Glass

Step by step guide

Personalization with a laser is easy! Even mirrors can become unique decorations with laser engraving.


Required material

  • Mirror
  • Acrylic paint

Trotec laser used

  • Speedy 100 flexx
  • fiber laser
  • 30 watts


Use the 2.85 inch flexx lens or 3.2 inch fiber lens

Step by Step

Step 1

First, place a piece of anodized aluminum on the working table to protect the table from the laser. Alternatively, you can also work with the honeycomb table. Then, set the mirror with the glass side facing up, mirror coating side down. You can engrave the mirror reflective side up through the glass with the fiber laser. Glass does not react with the fiber laser, and only the mirror layer is removed. The glass itself is not scratched because it reacts only to the wavelength of the CO₂ laser source.

Step 2

Remove and clean the mirror. Cleanup is easy since the erosion and dust of the engraving lands on the table under the mirror and not on the mirror itself.

Step 3

Once the engraving is complete, apply acrylic paint to the back of the mirror. The final result: The mirror layer is removed due to the engraving and this part of the mirror is now transparent. The colors of the paint remain bright and intense because of the transparency of the glass.

Laser Settings

  • Speed: 10 %
  • Power: 100 %
  • Resolution: 50,000 ppi/Hz

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