Acrylic jig with finished engraved data plates

Acrylic Jig

This tutorial will demonstrate how our 3mm thick TroGlass can be used to create a custom jig for marking on data plates. Custom jigs are helpful in that they provide efficiency and accuracy during mass production of laser engraved products. Trotec offers a wide range of engraving materials for you to choose from. Browse our product line:


Required Material:

  • TroGlass 3 mm, but you can use any material to produce this jig.

Machine used:

  • Speedy 360 80 watt with a 2" lens

For this application sample you can use any laser machine from the Speedy laser engraver series.


We used a caliper to measure the item that the jig will contain. If you are processing acrylics, your bed must be completely sealed off to ensure a well-defined, clean edge.

see our tips for cutting acrylic

Step by Step

Step 1: Import file design into Software

Create your design or use our template. Send it to the laser with the recommended laser parameters. The parameters can vary depending on the machine used and the available laser power.

Print settings:

Process mode Resolution Cut line
Standard 500dpi None
Halftone Others
Color None

Step 2: Laser process

Ensure that you know all of the guidelines to properly laser process the material. For example, with acrylic, you must mask off your bed and activate the exhaust system or utilize the laser table.

Laser Parameters:

Color Process Power (%) Speed (%) ppi/Hz
Red Cut 90 0.40 5000
Passes Air Assist Z-Offset Advanced
1 ON - -


We used standard laser parameters from JobControl.

Download laser parameters

Step 3: Post-processing

Apply glue or an adhesive backing to fasten the two material together.


  • You can utilize jigs for a wide range of applications, such as dog tags, ink pens, data plates, part marking, etc.
  • Laser engraving irregularly shaped items can be challenging and time-consuming. Using a jig will provide efficiency, accuracy, and interchangeability.

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