What is the power consumption of a laser machine?

The power consumption of a laser machine

One of the most frequently asked questions before a laser purchase is in regards to the power consumption. A lot of people speculate on how their electricity bill might be affected, but in reality, the required power of a laser is typically less than that of an air conditioning unit or a fan heater.

Depending on how frequently the laser is running and the wattage that is being used, the laser power consumption can fluctuate often. The most significant influencing factors for the laser power consumption, in addition to the power consumption in kilowatt-hours based on a specific example, can be seen here.

Influencing factors for power consumption

The total power consumption of a laser system depends on these factors.

1. Actual working time

This is how long the engraving or cutting process takes using the laser system. Typically, 20-50% of the total working time is spent preparing the laser or loading and unloading material. During this time, Trotec lasers require minimal power due to their energy-saving standby mode.

2. Used laser power

Lasers typically have a maximum power, e.g. a 20-watt laser varies greatly from a 100-watt laser. Additionally, the maximum power of the laser is generally used for a small portion of all laser jobs.

3. Peripheral equipment

The use of an exhaust system or a cooling unit, which is a requirement for some systems, can also have a direct impact on laser power consumption. Trotec’s energy-saving standby mode assists with power saving by regulating the exhaust system in addition to the laser.

A specific example for the power consumption of a laser

One laser corresponds to the consumption of 2 office PCs

We have created the following example to help give you a specific figure for power consumption:

  • A Speedy 400 laser machine with 80 watts laser power
  • An average effective working time of 2 hours a day
  • Of which 50% of the time with maximum laser power (80 watts) and 50% of the time with half laser power (40 watts)

This results in a power consumption of approx. 50 kWh per month, which corresponds to the consumption of 2 office PCs. This is always a shockingly low value for many customers.

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