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What financing options are available

Purchasing a laser machine is usually a well-planned investment. We offer support for financing your new laser machine with a variety of payment models. Learn more about leasing and payments below.

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Lease a Trotec laser machine

Advantages of leasing your laser machine:

  • Tax benefits: You can deduct your lease payments as a business expense.
  • Balance-sheet neutral: Leasing has no influence on your capital asset ratio or debt
  • Financial planning: Leasing terms are fixed in your contract at the time of purchase

The big advantage of leasing, however, is that you do not need, or need very little, equity to buy the laser. You can start using your laser right away and earn money. The laser system basically starts paying for itself.

Make your laser machine pay for itself

Leasing a compact laser engraver or laser cutter can be a great way to expand your product line and win new business. You add a monthly lease expense, but you can start generating profits immediately, allowing your laser machine to pay for itself. That may mean that selling just three engraved trophy cups, three company name plates and three glass engravings in one month pays your monthly lease payment. You can find an overview of the products you can make with our lasers under Laser DIY samples (incl. Instructions and templates for downloading).

We recognize that we serve a diverse customer base, and one size does NOT fit all when it comes to financing options. To help meet a wider range of lending needs, we work with a lenders who offer various purchasing options to place our lasers closer within your reach. Contact us to learn more about your options.

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Helping you get started

Creative financing

At Trotec, we know that fundraising isn't easy, and that most individuals who are passionate about building a business aren't independently wealthy. When traditional measures for raising money aren't possible, many are turning to social media sites as a means to raise dollars. This thinking paved the way for platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and gofundme -- websites that host a variety of pre-approved creative projects for the world to check out and donate money to when they are inspired by creativity and ambition. Learn more about how to use social media to fund your laser. 

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More business resources

Trotec is uniquely positioned to offer a convenient single-source solution for your basic business needs, including low-cost, high-quality engraving materials, industry-leading engraving equipment, and direct-manufacturer support from professionals with technical expertise in both. In addition to our world-class laser machines and comprehensive line of engraving materials, we also offer a number of resources to help you grow your business such as exceptional technical support, online tips & tricks, downloadable application files and online tutorials, and a broad range of guides and handbooks.

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