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Trotec offers different levels of support service, ensuring a timely and accurate response to your
questions or concerns.

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Trotec Service & Support Guide

Trotec offers different levels of support service, ensuring a timely and accurate reponse to your questions or concerns. Please see below for a list of possible issues you may encounter when using your machine and who you should contact.

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Levels of Support

Level 1 Support: Your Regional Trotec Sales Manager

Contact your regional sales manager for assistance with:

  • System setup
  • Operation training and support
  • Application support and training
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Focus issues
  • Optics issues
  • Material parameters
  • Process mode
  • Other basic driver and JobControl software settings
  • Basic frequently asked questions regarding graphics software
  • Correct color palettes or color profiles
  • Proper line weight
  • Types of graphics to use
  • Types of graphics to avoid

Level 2 Support: Trotec’s Technical Support Team

Contact Trotec’s Technical Support Team for assistance with the following issues:

  • Machine isn’t working or goes into an error state
  • Machine or machine component becomes damaged
  • If application quality issues cannot be resolved after Level 1 support troubleshooting
  • Software issues that cannot be addressed in the Level 1 category

Technical Support Options

  • Free technical support over the phone or by email for the lifetime of your laser system
  • On-site support
  • Contact our technical support team for a quote
  • TroCare Preventative Maintenance Plan
  • Options designed to keep your system working at optimal performance
  • Plans start as low as $995 per year and can be customized to suit your business needs

Telephone Hotline

When in doubt about a technical or application issue, contact our technical support team and they will be happy to assist you or direct you to the appropriate person. Call 866-226-8505 to reach Trotec’s Technical Support. Our competent staff will be pleased to assist you and help you to resolve malfunctions quickly.