TroWood Solid Green Line

A journey from sustainable sourcing to a high-quality laser material

Advantages of our TroWood Solid

Sustainable sourcing

We carefully select partners with wood materials from nearby, well-managed forests in Europe and controlled sources. By prioritizing regional suppliers, we minimize transportation distances, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the local economy.

Unmatched handcrafted excellence

As wood is an infinitely variable natural material, it requires constant quality control at all processing stages. These processes rely on the experience of human senses to guarantee the typical high-quality end products we are known for.

Enhanced for laser processing

Local experts cut material to size and apply an eco-friendly water-based finish. This optimizes the material for laser processing and enhances durability.

Recyclability and reusability

Proper forest management practices ensure the continuous growth and replenishment of trees, making wood a sustainable choice. Wood is biodegradable, meaning it naturally decomposes over time.

In today's world, where sustainability and quality are crucial, the origin and treatment of materials play a significant role in the production of high-end products. At Trotec, we take pride in our partnership with a distinguished supplier that embodies the essence of responsible woodworking. Our journey begins in the heart of native and European forests, where trees flourish in their natural habitat.

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Sustainable sourcing: a partnership of integrity

The wood for our TroWood Solid panels is purchased in Europe from forests that host native trees. Our partner's commitment to sustainable forest management goes beyond mere certifications; they actively engage in regular inspections and comply with ethical sourcing. This dedication ensures that the wood we source meets the highest standards of sustainability.

Furthermore, our partner specializes in producing premium-grade solid wood panels and furniture. With decades of experience, they uphold an unwavering commitment to quality. The process begins with the careful selection of timber, which is then cut into planks and stored under optimal conditions for up to two years. This accurate storage period facilitates the gradual release of moisture, a crucial step to prevent warping and enhance stability.

Crafting excellence: from timber to TroWood Solid

After the initial storage period, the wood undergoes a controlled drying process in specialized chambers, followed by conditioning and further processing. This careful treatment serves as the foundation for products that are destined for laser production.

The journey continues with the manual assessment of each plank. Specifics such as cracks, defects, and knots are marked, and every part finds its optimal use. Advanced sensors play an additional role in quality control, ensuring that only the finest wood is utilized. Our TroWood Solid range is exclusively sourced from timber that surpasses even the strictest criteria of the highest furniture-grade quality.

The art of precision: crafting homogeneity

The planks are transformed into slats and then carefully sorted by hand to achieve unparalleled natural appearance and highest quality. After being skilfully glued together, the slats undergo another round of fine sanding and inspection.

With a focus on minimizing waste and responsible resource management, our wood supplier operates on a strictly order-based system. This not only reduces waste but also contributes to sustainable resource usage. As advocates of environmental consciousness, we exclusively provide formaldehyde-free products in our materials range.

From raw material to finished masterpiece

Our premium solid wood panels then proceed to a local partner specializing in optimization for laser processing and long-term durability. The panels undergo a final quality check, precise cutting, and the application of a water-based lacquer. This lacquer serves a dual purpose – preserving the wood's natural aesthetic while offering protection against external factors such as moisture. The result is wood that is even less susceptible to warping and optimally primed for laser processing.

In conclusion, our journey from sourcing sustainable timber to crafting premium solid wood products is proof of our dedication to quality, sustainability, and attention to detail. With every step carefully executed, we ensure that the essence of each piece of wood is preserved, culminating in products that embody the beauty, strength, and sustainability of nature itself.

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