Laser education - what do customers say?

Why do so many schools, universities and fablabs choose Trotec laser?

With laser cutting and laser engraving technology becoming ever present in industry, it has also become increasingly common for schools to choose the technology as a way of fulfilling CAD/CAM requirements. By adding a laser machine to your classroom you receive unparalleled benefits compared to traditional methods of processing materials, including contactless processing thus reducing wasted material and fast processing speed allowing more project work to be completed in minimum time. Trotec laser machines are a popular choice for educational institutions as they offer unbeatable advantages compared to other laser machines. these include:

  • Easy to use software - works with all common design packages
  • Safe operation thanks to safety features - Class 2 lasers
  • Low maintenance and reliable machines
  • Long laser life thanks to ceramic laser source
  • All-in-one supplier for lasers and materials

Read on to see what our customers in the education sector have to say about our laser machines.

Sale Grammar School

Sale Grammar School and Sixth Form offers students access to diverse and creative curriculum opportunities. Rated an outstanding school and sixth form by OFSTED, Sale Grammar School is specialised in the visual arts. In 2011, the school incorporated laser cutting into its technology curriculum with the purchase of a Trotec Speedy 300 and since then it has become an integral part of the Design and Technology department. In 2019, the school purchased a brand new Speedy 300 laser engraving machine. 

"In our opinion, the Trotec laser is a superior machine to all others we researched. It is used in industry and the quality of the engraving is far more enhanced than other systems." - Pippa Conley - Faculty Leader of Design and Technology 

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St. John Fisher Catholic High School

Pupils at St. John Fisher Catholic High School in Harrogate now have access to the state-of-the-art laser cutter, using it to bring their designs and innovations to life; the laser supports teaching D&T students how to solve real-life problems through an iterative design process. Since installation, the Speedy 300 has been a huge benefit to not only the Design and Technology department, but the wider school. 

"The speed of the Trotec in comparison to our old laser is incredible, we've been able to increase throughput considerably and can complete many more pieces of project work within a lesson. It definitely helps to keep the students engaged." David Greenwood - Head of D&T with Engineering

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George Abbot School

George Abbot School is an academy located in Guildford, Surrey. With a long standing reputation for academic excellence, the school serves around 2,000 students at both GCSE and sixth form level. Since the initial purchase of their Speedy 300, the students at George Abbot have been able to use the laser cutter for a wide range of different applications, including creating gears and complex mechanisms for larger design and technology projects. 

"The laser has been a great use for both curriculum based projects and beyond. We use it for a range of activities aside from classroom projects and the machine continues to be an excellent workhorse for the school." - James Monem - George Abbot School

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University College Dublin

Founded 160 years ago, the University College Dublin (UCD) has made a unique contribution to the creation of modern Ireland. Comprising of six colleges broken into a range of disciplines, the University has stayed true to its founding philosophy "Creating a university that would benefit the wider world and encourages true enlargement of mind". The School of Architecture Planning and Environmental Policy utilise a Speedy 300 laser engraving machine for various project work.

"At our busy periods the machine is in constant use morning to evening. The speed of processing has meant we can get a lot more jobs through in that time and the ease of use along with accuracy enables faster operation and less wastage, especially important for us given the number of machine users and different projects going on at any one time." - John O'Shea - Technical Officer

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Sheffield University

The University of Sheffield's School of Architecture is amongst the leading schools of its kind in the UK. Committed to having a positive and lasting impact on the global built environment, the school is known for a strong social ethos and "live" work. Since installation, their Speedy 400 has proved to be a highly efficient workhorse for students, offering quicker cutting and engraving speeds alongside improved file processing. 

"The Speedy 400 laser cutter has been a huge benefit to the students. Cutting speeds are now twice as fast, allowing students to get more work done within their allotted time and as the laser software contains all of the material settings, set up times are reduced and the students can work more independently." - Laura Mason - Workshop Manager, University of Sheffield (School of Architecture) -

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University of Manchester

The University of Manchester has a strong industrial heritage, being the first UK university to offer an engineering degree. The University's Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering houses the Laser Processing Research Centre (LPRC), established in 2002 to focus on advanced machining, supporting a range of experimental work across the industrial curriculum. Since its installation, the Speedy 300 machine has enabled the LPRC to process sheet plastic, bringing with it time savings, and the ability to create more complex shapes than previously possible. 

"The service we received from Trotec has been excellent. From installation to aftersales we can rely on Trotec as our supplier of choice."-  Dr. David Whitehead - Senior Experimental Officer, Department of Mechanical Aerospace and Civil Engineering

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