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3 tips on how to make profit with small quantities of promotional item

Petra Berger
14. Jänner 2021 • 5 min

Though promotional items are often mass-produced and sourced from Asia in large quantities, you can still generate profits by producing smaller quantities of promotional items. Below are some tips to help you maximize your success.

1. Specialize in a sub-range of items

A broad product portfolio requires a lot of storage space and ties up your capital. Specialize in a sub-range of promotional items and enhance them through personalization. This strategy makes you flexible.

Some examples of specialization:

  • Offer sustainable promotional items.

  • Focus on promotional items made from a specific material, for example, stainless steel or aluminum. Here, laser marking achieves a particularly high-quality result.

  • Focus on topics such as food and drink and create a product portfolio.

  • Stand out from your competitors with innovative processing technologies such as labeling with a laser. This is how simple items become higher quality products.

2. Rely on an online shop

Promotional items are often individualized with a company logo. This is the retailer’s added value.
To boost efficiency, you can standardize the internal processes and rely on an online shop. The seamless connection of the laser to your already established systems means that you can offer your customers promotional items with individualization, even in small quantities, at an attractive price.

3. Start small - and the big payoff will happen

Stand out from your competitors with innovative processing technologies such as labeling with a laser.

Did you know that investing in a laser machine pays off once you can engrave and sell 100 promotional items per week?
Once you’ve gotten started, orders for large quantities often arise. These can be quickly and easily realized using high-speed galvo lasers. While suppliers of promotional items usually get started in laser processing with a flatbed laser – and justifiably so, because they offer more flexibility and more processing options – experienced suppliers rely on galvo laser systems.

Do you have specific questions about the costing? Or are you at the very beginning and wondering which laser machine is right for you?

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