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Laser Engraving Rubber Stamps

Manufacturing rubber stamps & engraving text plates

Laser engravers for making rubber stamps

Rubber stamp manufacturing with laser engravers

Laser engraving machines bring rubber stamp manufacturing into the 21st century. Trotec laser machines were originally designed solely for rubber stamp production, which means everything from the software to the mechanics were designed with rubber stamp manufacturing in mind. Manufacturing rubber stamps with a laser engraver eliminates outdated technology and harsh chemicals from your production process by introducing a quick, easy, and safer laser solution.

Increase production efficiency with laser engraving

With laser engraving machines from Trotec, you can streamline series manufacturing or manufacture a rubber stamp within minutes. Trotec's JobControl® software provides comprehensive support to streamline your production process. With a durable Trotec rubber stamp machine and this laser software, rest assured you're entering into an easy and time-saving solution for manufacturing rubber stamps and text plates.

Advantages of laser etching rubber stamps with a Trotec laser machine

After calculating customer feedback, we determined you can finance a Trotec laser system with only 1 rubber stamp per day! Contact a Trotec representative to get free samples and discover how you can finance your laser engraver with a stamp a day.
(Calculations are based off of financing over 48 months.)



Manufacture text plates for rubber stamps from laser rubber.

stamp laser engraver

Why Trotec

Manufactured with the highest quality components

Designed to perform in harsh and intensive conditions over many years, Trotec laser systems use only superior quality components, starting from our own production and also from leading manufacturers that ensure constant high quality and reliability.

Keeping an eye on costs and time

With the job time calculator, anticipated cutting and engraving duration can be calculated prior to even starting the laser. This streamlines the production planning and calculation process for consumers, making it more efficient and easier to use. Additionally, the Trotec software keeps record of past completed jobs for easy referencing and replication!

Made in Austria - a safe bet

Designed and built in Austria, all Trotec laser system components are compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE and TUV standards. Additionally, operators are fully protected with our machines since most are classified as class 2 systems.

Matching complete systems

At Trotec, all components operate cohesively together; from the laser engraver to the laser rubber and then the exhaust system. Our machine portfolio offers an expansive selection of laser systems tailored to exceed the needs of any rubber stamp production, and our partner company Trodat offers the rubber consumables.

Optimal laser machines

Trotec laser systems are the ideal laser engraving solution rubber stamp production. Our InPack TechnologyTM provides full protection from dust on all sensitive and critical components such as optics, electronics, and mechanics. This means that your machine will have a low-maintenance operation for years to come guaranteed.

"We wanted a laser engraver that would be fast and powerful enough to allow us to engrave full flats of rubber for stamps, and still have plenty of machine time available for other applications. The Trotec Speedy 300 has given us that flexibility and enabled us to engrave and cut many other items and materials. It was exactly what we needed to expand our product offerings!"
- Patricia A. Staudt - President of Allegheny Marking Products/SmithCraft Signs & Awards -
"I appreciate the everyday reliablity and precision. Also, I appreciate the ease of use and how cost effective the Trotec Speedy 300 is"
- Jon Zeininger - Fox Stamp, Sign, & Specialty -
"If you want the best watch in the world, get a Rolex - if you want the best laser, get a Trotec! We’ve tested many different laser cutters for our wood models and found the Trotec machines to be the most reliable and precise."
- John Rahner - Del-Val Stamp Co. -

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Tips for engraving stamps

How to make a stamp?

When designing a text plate, the text/image must be mirrored and inverted so that the impression is readable. Trotec’s JobControl® software creates an automated stamping process which performs these steps automatically. Additionally, the software supports generation of so-called shoulders and automatic cutting parameters to create a clean impression.

To obtain a clean impression, what engraving depth is needed?

1.1mm engraving depth should be used to achieve a good stamping impression.

What laser power settings should be used?

To achieve a higher level of productivity when laser engraving rubber, using a higher power will produce faster engraving result.

Which lens should be used for stamp engraving?

For stamps that have delicate and fine details, use a 1.5” lens.

What are links?

When the function “link” [Stege] is activated in the JobControl® software, small connecting bridges between the laser engraved and laser cut text plates are generated automatically. You are then able to clean the entire DIN A4 stamp plate and easily break up each text plate individually.

Lasering of rubber produces a lot of dust. Does this shorten the service life of the laser device?

Trotec lasers are the perfect engraving solution for stamp making applications. Our InPack Technology™ is designed to ensure that all dust-sensitive components such as mechanics, optics, and electronics are completely protected. This means that you have a longer-lasting system with minimal overall maintenance.

What type of extraction is needed?

Efficient extraction with activated carbon is important to absorb odor and remove dust. When engraving larger jobs with high quantities of rubber, a pre-filter can be installed between the extraction system and laser system to reduce the filter cost.

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