Anodized Aluminum

Laser machines are an ideal technology for marking and engraving on anodized aluminum, and can be used with both CO2 and fiber systems. Depending on the color of the anodized aluminum itself, a fiber marking laser can efficiently produce darker marks, while a CO2 marking system can produce bright engraving with contrast. MOPA marking lasers are another solution that can be used with anodized aluminum, and they are very effective at marking various shades of gray up to rich black. During laser processing, the surface of the material is not stripped and the final results are comparable to annealing on steel. Using a MOPA system on natural anodized aluminum will create high-quality and sharp markings, that can be applied to a variety of applications including smartphones and other tech products. More info on marking anodized aluminum with MOPA.

Materials suitable for laser marking and laser engraving:

  • Anodized layers in all colors
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Natural anodized aluminum

Depending on the individual requirements of each application, anodized aluminum can be marked or engraved. 


Examples of laser engraved and laser marked aluminum


Laser marking and laser engraving aluminum is suited for a variety of applications to produce high-quality marks. Common applications include: smartphones and other products in the tech industry, promotional merchandise (ex. pens, keychains, USB flash drives), and industrial applications such as data plates or casings.

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  • Electronics industry (tablets, smartphones and more)
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Promotional items and gifts industry
  • Sheet metal processing (casings)
  • Tool manufacturing
laser marked promotional pen

Why choose a marking laser to process anodized aluminum?

Fast, flexible and variable marking of anodized aluminum

With laser technology, anodized aluminum can be processed in a variety of techniques for many different types of applications. Regardless of your overall production volume, you can find the ideal laser machine for your engraving and marking applications with a Galvo or flatbed style system. Laser systems are highly intuitive, adaptable, and flexible machines that offer a variety of marking capabilities including data matrix codes, serial numbers and other variable content. Additionally, anodized aluminum can not only be engraved (removal of the anodized layer), it can also be marked by producing black markings on the anodized layer.

Laser technology functions and advantages

Black marking of anodized aluminum

  • Increase product value with producing high-quality, qualitative markings.
  • Material surface is not damaged through the removal of the anodized layer and contactless processing.

Advantages of a Trotec laser

Cost-efficient production

  • Direct marking means contactless processing with no additional costs for supplies such as chemicals, sprays, pastes or inks
  • No need to dispose of harmful chemicals or waste (which can often be very expensive)
  • No pre- and post-treatment needed

Other advantages include:

  • Integration options - The SpeedMarker with a maintenance-free fiber laser can be integrated into a production line or utilized as a laser work station 
  • Long product life with low ownership costs - The robust mechanics of the Trotec laser machines are designed for years of intensive use with minimal servicing needed

Flexible, dynamic data can be marked

  • Create a variety of markings using dynamic content without the need of refitting or changing tools

Other advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Intuitive and intelligent SpeedMark marking software can easily process data from existing ERP systems and all dynamic contents in codes

Permanent marking

  • Compared to other technologies, laser machines create permanent marking resistant to acid, abrasion and heat. 
  • Lasers are both effective and efficient at creating traceability as well as meeting quality assurance requirements 

Other advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Product portfolio with matching fiber laser systems for all requirements
  • Flatbed systems with workspaces up to 40" x 24"
  • Galvo systems with workspaces up to 51.2" x 17.7"
  • OEM Galvo fiber laser for integration into production lines
  • Optional accessories and customization options to meet unique requirements

Create fine detailed and precise markings

  • Achieve even the smallest geometries and create precise markings with high-accuracy
  • Combine marking processes

Other advantages of a Trotec laser

  • High-quality optics and the best beam quality thanks to superior-quality components
  • Maximum precision can be achieved that is also easy to use with camera-based component positioning

Diverse design possibilities

  • Nearly any design can be created with the laser 
  • 1-point fonts and even the tiniest geometries are precise and still clearly legible
  • Limitless possibilities when designing and laser marking barcodes, serial numbers, designs or logos
  • Even photos can be process with efficiency and ease

Other advantages of a Trotec laser

  • JobControl and DirectMark Software allows for laser marking to be completed directly from the graphics program. It's as simple as printing

Boost production efficiency

  • High-speed marking, even of variable contents (e.x. serial numbers, codes)
  • Create a variety of markings without refitting or tool change

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Easy operation made simple with intelligent and intuitive marking software
  • Precise and fast positioning of components using a camera system: SpeedMark Vision – Smart Adjust
  • Integrate contents from ERP data files

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Product recommendations

Laser marking aluminum in black

MOPA laser systems can easily laser mark aluminum and can even produce a variety of gray and rich black tones. These marking lasers offer shortened pulse durations that will not (or just barely) damage the material surface. Through this process, the anodized layer is repainted and not actually removed. This processing technique is completely different but yet comparable to annealing colors on stainless steel.

Laser processing anodized aluminum will produce a variety of results, depending on the type of aluminum being used. With natural anodized aluminum, unique markings can be achieved, while processing anodized aluminum in other dark colors will result in black markings. In combination with conventional engraving (or removal) of the anodized layer, there are many possibilities for marking products made of this material.

Laser engraving anodized aluminum: Inspirations

See an overview of possible laser applications of anodized aluminum

Laser engraving and marking of machine tags, promotional products and signs

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