11 am

Live-stream product tour: Large format laser cutter

Join us for a live-stream tour of the SP3000 400W laser cutter, broadcasted from our Guildford showroom. We’ll explore the key features of the SP series laser cutters and explain how it brings benefits to business, streamlining workflows and improving production quality. The SP series are the largest in our family of industrial-grade laser cutting machines, built for high productivity, reliability and efficiency.

What can I see in the webinar?

During the live laser cutter demonstration, large format expert Alex Beckingham will guide you through the machine, highlighting safety and productivity features as well as showing you various laser techniques including print and cut, acrylic cutting with polished edges and laser cutting textiles. The SP series has been a game-changer for businesses looking to upgrade their production capabilities and increase capacity.

It’s a night and day difference for Formd Creative Ltd

Bringing laser cutting in-house proved the turning point for Formd Creative Ltd, allowing the team to remove outsourcing and effectively respond to customer orders no matter the timescale. 

In our case study, see how Formd minimises production time and has become completely self-sufficient for acrylic-processing with a market-leading SP series laser cutter.

Formd case study

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