Everything will be fine!

Michael Garstenauer
Product Manager Cutting

Published on: 10/03/2017 Author: Trotec Laser HQ

Profile: Michael Garstenauer

My profession:
Product Manager Cutting (SP Series)

Employed with Trotec since:
February 1, 2017

My personal work motto:
Everything will be fine!

This is how I would describe my job to a friend:

As a Product Manager, you are the link between the market (i.e. customers, competition, sales, service) and the more internally-oriented departments (R&D, production and purchasing) in all matters concerning a particular product group. My main responsibilities include market research (customer requirements, offers by the competition, trends, technologies), designing the product life cycle (developing new products, further developments, product care, discontinuation) as well as supporting marketing and sales with product-specific matters (USPs, communication, target groups, applications…). As a product manager, you act for “your” products like an entrepreneur in a company, and you shape the path to success holistically.

"Actually, I am a careful driver. I am driving a VW bus which does not drive too fast, so therefore I get speeding tickets rarely. Nevertheless, I have already got 3 speeding tickets since I joined Trotec (only half a year ago). Once I get quite annoyed by just a little thing that I have forgotten the speed limit. This has even earned me a speeding ticket in Germany..."
- A funny anecdote from my work life - Michael Garstenauer -

I spend most of my work day...

doing a lot of different things – from working on the machines (product managers must know how to use them) to providing support internally and to subsidiaries in regards to all sorts of product-related queries. I also spend my time talking to customers and users, shaping product development by preparing a product road map and identifying and analyzing possible areas for innovation. Everything is very diverse and multi-layered.

The coolest thing about my job is...

...the combination of technology (features, functions), strategy (positioning, use of resources, future direction) and people (requirements, usability, communication). It's challenging, varied and exciting.

The thing I appreciate most about Trotec is:

  • Positioning and market orientation is being pushed through to a far greater extent than I've ever experienced; in my opinion, this is an essential driver for success.
  • Opportunities are consistently seized and developed with long-term prospects in mind.
  • The working atmosphere is characterized by helpfulness, collaboration and mutual respect.
  • The environment (rooms, equipment, activities) is pleasant; you feel valued.

Something personal about myself:

I'm a father of six children who thoroughly keep me on my toes during my spare time, but who also give me a lot back. With my five boys and one girl all between the ages of two and sixteen, there's always something going on.

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