"Great things
never come from
comfort zones"

Denise Kaiserseder
Laser Application Technician

Published on: 10/30/2017 Author: Trotec Laser HQ

Profile: Denise Kaiserseder

My profession:
Laser Application Technician

Employed with Trotec since: 
July 2014

My personal work motto: 
Great things never come from comfort zones

This is how I would describe my job to a friend:

I work on applications on the laser and come up with cool designs. I develop laser samples for the website, trade fairs, demo rooms, direct mail, and several other areas. In addition, I do parameter tests and laser training (for internal and external employees). I also always have laser-engraved samples to show people so everyone can get an idea of what it looks like.

I spend most of my work day...

…in front of the laser developing new designs.

"I was supposed to reproduce a pattern for a new demo room. The pattern was finished in over an hour in the laser, so I take it out...and I dropped it. The pattern broke, of course. So I had to make the pattern again, and of course I was especially careful the second time! By the way, for anyone who has seen our DIY laser patterns: I am always the one with the leather bracelet on, which is seen quite often in the photos."
- A funny anecdote from my work life - Denise Kaiserseder -

The coolest thing about my job is...

...the travel opportunities (international trade fairs, customer visits, visits to branches); always meeting new people in training sessions; inspiring customers with the patterns.
In addition, after I have finished my work, I can also use the laser for private things (e.g. lasered gifts).

The thing I appreciate most about Trotec is:

The familiar environment and the flexible work hours

Something personal about myself

I do a lot of sports, like yoga, for example, which I have been doing for six years. And I have a cat who is waiting for me every day when I get home from work and goes out to my car to get me.

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