Step 6: Set up atmos in JobControl

Open your JobControl software and go to "options." Select exhaust from the list and then click "ok." Next choose exhaust settings for time to hold and start time. Then click "apply" and "ok." You are ready to begin!

Step 5: Program atmos system equipment

Go to the display window on the atmos system and select your atmos system model using the arrow buttons. Then select the laser you are using with the arrow buttons.

Step 4: Connect to laser

Connect the hose and cables from the atmos to the laser and plug in the atmos system's power cord.

Step 3: Insert hose

Remove the plugs from the exhaust port and insert the hose. Depending on your set-up, you can purchase and use different hose sizes and air blast gate to adjust exhaust power to accommodate your individual needs. Be sure to keep covered any exhaust ports that are not in use.

Step 2: Connect the power cord and data cable to the back of your atmos system.

Connect the power cord and data cable to the back of your atmos system as shown.

Attach power cord to atmos

Before you get started, make sure you have the appropriate exhaust hose, data cable, power cord, and air blast gate with fittings.
An exhaust system is crucial for safe and efficient operation of your laser. Trotec atmos exhaust systems remove dust and gas created during laser processing and filter odors through activated carbon filters, ensuring safe and clean operation of your laser equipment. Now that you have chosen the right exhaust system for your laser, it's time to get set up and on your way to increasing your profits. The following tutorial and how-to video provides instructions on how to install and set up your Trotec exhaust system. More about Trotec atmos exhaust systems 

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