Trotec safety system

Laser safety solutions for safe operation

Safety system of SP2000 and SP3000

During the development of the SP3000 and SP2000 laser cutting machines, Trotec engineers paid special attention to mechanical safety in addition to laser safety. The SP3000 and SP2000 laser cutters comply with all relevant standards, guaranteeing safe operation.

Laser class 2 for 24/7 production

The systems of the SP series are certified as laser class 2. The laser beam path is completely encapsulated, and exits the working head equipped with an active laser deflector shield. Therefore, no structural measures with laser protection walls or special laser safety training for your staff are necessary.

Free access while the machine is cutting

Maximum operator protection is a priority at Trotec. A moving light curtain system and safety bumpers mounted onto the moving x-axes define a protection zone. As soon as the operator enters this protection zone, the machine is stopped immediately. This makes free access to the working area possible while the machine is cutting. This means real safety for your staff, with access to the complete working area at all times. A special highlight: If the protection zone is tripped and processing thus interrupted, the resume function allows seamless continuation of the processing later.


All Trotec laser systems are CE-compliant and meet the essential safety and health requirements of the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Other directives and regulations also applicable to the product:

  • 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive
  • 2004/108/EC EMC Guideline

Applied harmonized standards:

  • EN ISO12100 Machine Safety
  • EN 60335-1/2007 Safety of Household and similar Appliances
  • EN 55014-1/2006, EN 55014-2/1997 Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • EN 60204-1 Machine Safety – electr. Equipment
  • EN 60825-1/2007, EN 60825-4/2006 and EN 60825-14/2006 Safety of Laser Equipment
  • EN 55022/2008, EN 55024/2003 Electromagnetic Compatibility

CE Declarations of Conformity can be provided upon request.

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