Everything You Need to Know About Laser Engraving.

Laser engraving is a method of personalization. An individual design or the laser engraving of a logo, name or lettering turns standard products into something unique.

What can I make by laser engraving?

The areas of application for laser engraving are very diverse. Typical applications include e.g. trophies engraved with names, personalized pens, product refinement with slogan or company logo or the laser engraving of data plates. With a laser machine you can engrave practically any design on different materials and surfaces.

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What can I design and produce with laser engraving?

Personalized gifts, laser-engraved drinking bottles or customized signs and stamps are a lucrative business.

product packaging design

What is laser engraving?

In laser engraving, the material is heated very strongly by the incident laser beam. During this process, the surface of the material is vaporized or burned. The laser beam removes a layer where it hits the material. This creates a contrast or, in the case of multi-layer materials (e.g. paper, acrylic), the color underneath appears. This is how a motif becomes visible. A permanent and abrasion-resistant laser engraving is created. If the laser hits the material with more power, more material is removed and the engraving can also be felt. It can therefore be experienced haptically.

What you can do with a laser engraver: Fields of application.

  • Stamp: Dates, designs or logos are engraved in the rubber stamp plate.
  • Paper finishing: In paper finishing, laser engraving creates great effects through deep engraving – for invites, business cards, greeting cards and many other creative ideas.
  • Promotional items, signs: Laser engraving of delicate motifs or complex figures on promotional items, information signs for indoor and outdoor use or even food.
  • Cups, trophies: Awards made of acrylic, marble or wood become eye-catchers thanks to laser engraving.
  • Arts and crafts: Whether it’s jewelry made of acrylic or wooden pendants – creativity knows no limits.
  • Another application is the photo engraving of wood, acrylic, glass.

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The ideal laser engraver and cutter for personalization.

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Laser engraving is easy with the right software.

The laser software Ruby® makes working with the laser easier and faster. Easily create designs, graphics, photo and text elements. Adjustments can be made quickly with the integrated workflow. You can switch between the “design” and “preparation” steps at any time in software that is both a graphics and a laser program. With all the graphics tools that laser users need. The Ruby laser software enables direct file import of pdf, svg, png, etc. These functionalities halve the time from the idea to the finished product. Without costs for additional software packages.

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Which materials are suitable for laser engraving?

A wide range of materials can be laser engraved. These range from acrylic, laminate, wood, stone, paper, cardboard to mirror glass and glass. Here is a material overview:

  • Solid wood
  • Veneered wood
  • MDF
  • Paper
  • Felt (synthetic)
  • Leather
  • Cork
  • Cast acrylic
  • Kunststoffplatten

The advantages of laser engraving.

Why laser engraving is profitable.

Mit dem Lasergravieren entstehen neue, vielfältige personalisierte Produkte. Diese bieten einen echten Mehrwert. Für Produkte mit persönlicher Widmung sind höhere Absatzpreise erzielbar – Schriftzüge, Designs, Logos werten das Produkt auf.

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Inspiration: Sample templates for laser engraving.

We offer a selection of laser samples that have been cut, engraved or marked with Trotec laser machines in the sample selection.
All samples are described in detail, complete with instructions and file templates that you can use straight away.

Laser samples with instructions and file templates

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