Wimberley Puzzle increased quality and efficiency with Trotec Laser.

Wimberley Puzzle Company

Wimberley Puzzle Company is owned by JB Manning, a successful photographer who took his beautiful landscape images and turned them into a thriving business. Wimberley Puzzle Company offers wooden and cardboard puzzles made from original artwork, all cut on their Speedy 400 120 Watt CO2 laser. 

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Need for efficiency.

Wimberley Puzzle experienced a tremendous influx in demand when the COVID-19 pandemic set in. They were working with three Universal Laser Systems and were still struggling to meet the increased demand, so they started to investigate solutions that would allow them to work more efficiently. They made the switch to a Trotec Speedy 400 when their local representative showed the outstanding cutting quality and speed that can be achieved with only one system.  

Faster process saves time and costs.

By switching to the Speedy 400 Wimberley Puzzle maintained not only their 6 puzzle-per-hour throughput but also significantly lowered their overhead costs. They also added a Job Control Vision camera system to their new laser. When they were still using the ULS systems, they had to set up guide lines for making proper cuts. They were able to eliminate this step because Trotec's JCV produces perfect contour cuts of printed materials by automatically and dynamically detecting distortions in the print and adapting the cutting path. This further increased efficiency and production. 

I'm more efficient running just the one Trotec compared to the three Universals.

JB Manning

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