Architectural model of the railway station in vienna

Stangel PHU: Modeling precision.

Modeling precision

Stangel PHU has been operating on the Polish market since 1990. It specializes in construction of scale models of buildings and equipment of such models at any scale.

Passion gives rise to quality.

The team is composed of creative people who are passionate about scale modelling. They put the years of experience and laser technology into their work.
The construction process is based on a thorough analysis of the project, consultation and recognition of the customer's requirements. Only tested materials and devices are used for the construction of scale models. Scale models may be equipped with lighting fixtures or various mechanisms setting individual elements in motion, and everything can be operated from your tablet.
High quality, modern design and assembly techniques as well as a professional approach to the entrusted tasks have received recognition and approval among customers. It is reflected in the multiple testimonials published on the company's website.

Laser cutting of architectural models

Wide-range portfolio.

Stangel has initiated co-operation with the key Polish architecture firms, among others, the Warsaw design studio of Prof. Kuryłowicz, Konior Studio from Katowice, AGG Architects from Łódź, and many others. Over the last 28 years of operation, the company has made historical scale models of old towns, settlements and fortresses, for such institutions as:

  • Nadwislanskie Museum in Kazimierz Dolny
  • Mazovian Museum in Płock
  • Museum of Warsaw
  • Museum of Łowicz
  • Regional Museum in Kutno
  • Regional Museum of Suwałki
  • Open-air Museum in Szurpiły near Jeleniewo
  • Culture Park of City Fortifications in Gdańsk
  • Museum of Vistula in Wyszogród
  • Praga District Museum

Scale model of the old Płock.

A couple of years ago, Stangel made an oval 1:160 scale model of Płock of the year 1800. The size of the work was impressive and it reached 40 m². The space was filled with hundreds of models of wooden and brick architectural objects, people and animal figurines. The project features also a part of the Vistula river together with items floating on its surface.
The scale model can be found in the permanent historical exhibition in the Mazovian Museum in Płock.

Kazimierz Dolny at a scale of 1:500.

In 2005, the Nadwislanskie Museum in Kazimierz Dolny entrusted Stangel with the construction of a historical scale model of the town at a scale of 1:1500. The design shows the condition of the town as in 1900. It harmoniously combines the surrounding landforms with the nature and architecture. The scale model has special lighting features that it can be switched between different stages of the day, including the morning hours, noon and sunset. At the moment of delivery of the work it was the only design of this type in Poland.

Concert hall of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice.

Stangel takes pride in the construction of the model of the concert hall of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice at a scale of 1:10. The model was used for the acoustic research carried out by the renowned Japanese company, Nagata Acoustics. Inside of the model there were figurines dressed in eveningwear, as well as tiny microphones and speakers.

Self-assembly kits.

In addition to phenomenal models, Stangel makes also self-assembly kits. The offer includes models of old railway stations, historical tenement houses and interior design accessories for 18th or 19th century-styled models.

Stangel products can be bought in the company’s premises, on-line at the website www.stangel.pl or at trade fairs, such as those in Nuremberg, Leipzig, Cologne or Dortmund.

After work, the company’s owner, Mr Tomasz Stangel, is devoted to his long-term passion, which is construction of a large-scale, computer-controlled railway model.

Winner of the contest - #OneTrotec - 1000 design ideas.

In September 2017 Trotec held an application contest for our customers from all over the world. On the occasion of our 20th anniversary, we invited the Trotec laser users to send us pictures presenting their most fascinating, creative or unique applications made using Trotec machines. Stangel was one of the 20 winners of the contest who will now have the chance to enjoy the Speedy 360 flexx laser for an entire year. Stangel has been using the Speedy 300 laser system for a couple of years now.

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