Sale Grammar School.

In our opinion, the Trotec laser is a superior machine to all others we researched. It is used in industry and the quality of the engraving is far more enhanced than other systems. The Trotec area manager sorted us out with a top specification machine and extraction system which we are confident will enrich our student's experiences.

Pippa Conley
Faculty Leader of Design and Technology

Sale Grammar School and Sixth Form offers students access to diverse and creative curriculum opportunities. Rated an outstanding school and sixth form by OFSTED, Sale Grammar School is specialised in the visual arts. With creativity and innovation central to the school ethos, the Design and Technology faculty is very important in enabling the school to achieve this status.

An integral part of the curriculum

In 2011, the school incorporated laser cutting into its technology curriculum with the purchase of a Trotec Speedy 300 and since then it has become an integral part of the Design and Technology department. The machine is utilised every day within a range of technology disciplines including Graphics, Resistant Materials, Electronic Products, Textiles and Food.

Having owned the laser for eight years, the team at Sale Grammar School were considering upgrading the laser to a newer model to ensure that they could continue to allow students to produce the same quality of work and throughput. Having had a positive experience with the Trotec laser and the support they had received, the team at Sale were reluctant to switch supplier.

In spite of this, to ensure that they were getting the best value for money and the best support, the team researched six potential laser suppliers. After conducting research into alternative laser machines, the team concluded that thanks to technical specifications, industry reputation and the support available from Trotec, that they would purchase a new Speedy laser. Following a series of consultations with their area manager, the team at Sale opted to purchase a brand new Speedy 300.

Strengthening the foundations

Installed in February 2019, the new Speedy 300 has effortlessly integrated into the Design and Technology faculty. As the laser cutter is an industry standard, it gives students the opportunity to learn transferable skills and the ability to create professional looking products in a fraction of the time that manual tools or lower quality laser cutters would take.

The school works with a lot of different materials which are mostly received as donations. Thanks to the intuitive materials database located in the JobControl software, the settings for these materials can be easily stored and the students can begin processing their jobs in seconds. The accuracy of the laser cutter also minimises material wastage.

Alongside the superior technology, the school found Trotec to be the most supportive supplier, with Trotec's area manager offering excellent advice to the staff when choosing the laser, and throughout the installation process.

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