"Made by Tune" arms itself for the future with a laser machine.

Here's the story behind Made by Tune.

The story of Made by Tune started when Michael T'Sjoen (pronounced "tune") was still in school and had made drawings for a project in class and added "Made by T'Sjoen" using a Trotec laser machine. It was only logical that the phonetic pronunciation of this name, later also his nickname, should be the name of the company.

In 2012, Michael started this company after he was commissioned by Studio 100 to make various pieces of scenery for various programs and shows. Today, Made by Tune is run by Michael and his partner Magalie.

A machine for all occasions.

The power duo does not shy away from any challenge. From joinery and welding constructions to interior & exterior, and from laser and engraving work to decor and stage building (with technical assistance where needed), they realize anything the customer wishes as long as it is technically and constructively possible. Projects range from the smallest keyring to a complete makeover.

Besides the many applications that Made by Tune creates, the company also has a web shop, where they sell various personalized products.

Tune and Magalie decided it was time to expand their services/machinery and so began the search for a laser.
Both very quickly agreed that it would be a Trotec laser machine.

I knew Trotec Laser from school and therefore knew better than anyone that they are reliable laser systems. They may come at a price, but that doesn't outweigh all the good things. So far, we are very satisfied with the purchase of our Trotec Speedy 400 and look forward to working with it on many more jobs and challenges.

Michael T'Sjoen
Managing Director - Made by Tune

Versatility of laser processing attracts customers.

Today, the laser machine has become an established value in Made By Tune's workshop. Both private customers and companies are now finding their way to Made By Tune’s Speedy 400 laser engraver. “The fact that the laser is so versatile makes it sometimes difficult to communicate all its possibilities to the customers because lasering cannot be compared to printing. It is much more sustainable and can even be combined with food, because it is a light process and not a burning process,” states Magalie.

Made by Tune uses the Speedy 400 to process different types of materials, ranging from wood, acrylic, paper, glass, anodized aluminum, leather, and many more. The materials are frequently ordered from Trotec Laser.

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