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Countdown to Christmas 2021

The final countdown to Christmas has begun,
so if you're in need of some last minute inspiration for products we have you covered!

In our Christmas countdown we will reveal a new laser cutting application each weekday for 12 days alongside free design files to allow you to turn your hand to last minute crafts! All standard material settings can be found in the material database, however for certain applications we have used bespoke settings which you can find in the respective section of this page.

laser cutter xmas greetings card

Day 1: Laser cut Christmas card

Christmas is one of the few times of the year your guaranteed to get post, and rather than a shop bought card our tutorial allows you to use your laser cutting machine to create a stunning personalised card with ease.

By laser cutting and engraving paper and card, you can not only create detailed designs, you can maximise production speeds, allowing you to create many cards in a matter of minutes, the perfect way to keep the shelves stocked during this busy season. What's more, by laser engraving your design, you can easily personalise the card to each recipient, making the process quick and efficient compared to other processes such as knife cutting.  

Download your files below and get free laser settings in our tutorial.

Laser cut Christmas Card

Day 2: Multi-material bauble

Add some extra value to a regular product with these design files!

Sometimes even the smallest tweak to a product can increase the value. For example, combining multiple materials to personalise a bauble. 

Using our laser cutting materials TroCraft Eco and TroLase Thins you can create a personalised bauble that is perfect for a range of festive occasions, such as baby's first Christmas and more! Whilst our file has a dog design you can easily alter it for your cat loving friends!

Download your files now and try for yourself.

Design file 1 - Name Design file 2 - Dog

Day 3: Cork placemats

Christmas is when everyone gets together for dinner, so these laser cut placemats are the perfect accompaniment for the dinner table!

Created using LaserCork, you can personalise these with a laser engraving for each family member. For our file we chose a reindeer design, however you could always try other festive characters, such as Santa, snowmen, snowflakes and more.

Thanks to its composition, LaserCork is perfect for laser cutting and engraving, allowing you to create your designs in a matter of minutes and turn your ideas into products quickly and easily. 

Get your files

Day 4: Festive stamp

From branding to crafting, a stamp has a lot of uses!

Festive stamps are perfect for livening up the post throughout December, whether it is a Christmas card, letter or even an invitation. What's more, you can easily personalise the design to include bespoke branding and much more. 

Rubber is perfect for laser processing, however a lot of dust and debris can be produced by laser engraving, so take steps to avoid material build up. 

Download design files

Day 5: Personalised Santa sack

Every child (and some adults too!) loves to find a sackful of goodies beneath the tree on Christmas morning, but rather than a shop bought sack, why not go the extra mile with a personalised one?

For years laser engraving has been used for personalising promotional items such as glass, pens and keyring, but fabrics also respond well to the process.

In our example, we used a shop bought hessian sack and engraved a personalised design onto it. Personalising the product not only add additional value to it, it almost guarantees bringing a smile to the face of the recipient!

Get your free design files

Day 6: Faux leather pencil case

The sad reality of the Christmas break is going back to school once its done, but that doesn't mean children can't show off their Christmas presents.

This stylish faux leather pencil case uses our laser cutting material LaserLeather to create a stand out design. Available in 6 different colour combinations, LaserLeather is perfect for adding a touch to style to your applications. In our tutorial we cover tips and tricks for processing as well as giving you laser settings and a free design file to allow you to create the product yourself. 

Get your files and settings

Day 7: Wood and glitter acrylic combo decoration

No Christmas celebration is complete without a striking centrepiece to adorn the mantlepiece or the dinner table. With your laser cutter, you can easily create this striking design, combining laser cut wood and glitter acrylic to really turn heads!

Get free design files and instructions in the link below.

Laser settings and file

Day 8: Acrylic coffee dusters

Spice up your coffee with these acrylic coffee dusters! Easy to make by laser cutting acrylic, this simple yet effective product can feature almost any design imaginable. In our file you'll find three different designs which will allow you to add these festive varieties to your range. 

Perfect for coffee shops or at home!

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Day 9: Personalised doormat

A plain doormat is a perfectly functional product, but why blend in when you can stand out? 

With visitors abundant during the festive season, a festive design is the perfect way to liven up am every day product. by laser engraving the product, you can bring simple and complex designs to life with ease. 

Get your free files.

Day 10: Multi acrylic decoration

We've already covered using multiple materials to create decorations, but how about combining two materials to form a single piece? 

Using TroGlass Satins and Glitter, you can easily laser cut and engrave this decoration which can be personalised with any message, from baby's first Christmas to a simple festive greeting.

Acrylic decorations are an application perfectly suited to laser cutting and engraving thanks to the different results that you can achieve, including a nice flame polished finish. 

Get your free files now

cardboard decoration laser cut

Day 11: Cardboard Christmas tree

Everybody loves a Christmas tree, but the style of the tree depends on the owner. With such abundant choices from natural trees to man made and even other alternatives, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a tree to decorate. 

In this tutorial, we give you step by step instructions to create a cardboard Christmas tree, perfect for the sustainably minded. Simply add the cardboard to your machine and begin laser cutting!

Tip: this file can be resized, so you could make a full size tree or a smaller centrepiece. 

Get instructions and design files

Day 12: Laserleather gift tags

Gift tags take a long time to write depending on the number of presents you have, so why not make the process a bit more automated and fun by laser cutting and laser engraving designs onto reusable tags? 

We've created a file that gives you two different designs perfect for adding an extra special touch to gifts this year which we created using our LaserLeather material. Thanks to its two colour tone make up, the design possibilities are vast. 

Get your free files here.

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