How can I bring laser cutting and engraving services in–house?

A common dilemma faced by many businesses is whether to purchase a laser cutting machine or to outsource the laser cutting work. This question is true for businesses offering laser cutting or engraving throughout Ireland, the UK and further afield.

Outsourcing laser cutting and engraving can be an attractive option for fledgling businesses or businesses who are just starting to explore laser processes. This can work well when the need is sporadic or low volume on an as-and-when basis, however as demand begins to increase, many businesses will elect to bring laser cutting in-house and there are a number of reasons to justify this decision.

Read on to find out more about why you should consider bringing laser cutting technology in-house and the benefits it could bring to your business.

The benefits of bringing laser cutting in-house

Regardless of the type of work, outsourcing is popular for many businesses. Laser cutting is no exception, especially with the growing trend towards laser cut and engraved products.

However, outsourcing laser engraving over long periods is likely to increase business costs and risks. Bringing laser production and engraving services in-house will make you more productive, allow you to expand your product range, offer quick turnarounds on projects and prototype ideas easily. What's more, you will have complete quality control over your products.

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Laser applications

Reasons to bring laser cutting and engraving processes in-house include:

  • Complete quality control and therefore the reputation of your business
  • Shorter lead times and ability to fulfil orders on short turnarounds
  • No hidden costs and better efficiency
  • Adapt to new market trends and business requirements quickly with the ability to prototype new ideas
  • Benefit from making your own jigs, signage and branded merchandise with your laser cutting and engraving machine

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Laser cutting technology

A common argument against bringing laser cutting technology in-house is the initial cost of purchase, however this is easily negated by the other benefits listed above. Some businesses might also be worried about staff training and experience required to operate a laser cutter, but Trotec systems are easy-to-use and we provide extensive training and customer support as standard.

As well as the peace of mind provided by Trotec's excellent customer support, field-based technical service and TroCare protection plans, the risk of lost production due to downtime is dramatically reduced.

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