In Focus: Laser cork

Environmentally friendly laser material: LaserCork

Searching for a craft material to really broaden your range?
LaserCork features a fine grain structure allowing dark laser engraving results to be easily achieved.

Whether you are creating coasters, wall decorations or even practical applications, LaserCork is an excellent choice for a craft business. What's more, the material is environmentally friendly and is suitable for laser cutting with a low laser power. Whatever your creative goals, visit our webshop today to discover LaserCork and other laser cutting and engraving materials to help you to grow your product portfolio.

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Make the most of your material: Tips and tricks

Due to its structure, LaserCork is ideally suited to processing with a CO2 laser cutting machine and with low laser power. As standard with all new materials, we recommend that you test your settings on a small section of the material prior to creating larger scale applications. 

Our top tips for laser cutting LaserCork include:

  • Use a speed between 1 % and 2 % and a frequency of 1000 Hz. Adjust the laser power in increments often to achieve a smoke-free result
  • Make sure that Air Assist is activated in the JobControl® laser software material database
  • Use the nozzle with the large hole diameter for the best results when processing LaserCork
  • Carefully cover the uncovered working surface of the table with a suitable material such as paper to optimise the vacuum

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Application idea: Laser cut corkboard

A standard application idea, laser cutting a corkboard is the perfect functional product to create using our laserable material. Using the 3mm thick material variety and a 3mm MDF wood for backing, you can easily create a personalised series of boards for sale. 

Follow our tutorial to not only get design files but also example laser parameters.

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Additional ideas: Applications galore!

Cork is a diverse material for laser cutting and laser engraving, and you might be surprised as to what is possible with the material.
Below you can see a selection of different videos from our colleagues at Trotec Canada, where they show you a range of different ideas for the material.

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