Video guide: What to consider when starting your laser business

Before you decide to invest in a laser system there are certainly a few questions that come to mind. We have summed up the most important issues for you and discussed them with our international experts from Sales, Product Management, Service and Trotec Acedemy to provide you with a comprehensive guide that answers your questions and serve as a basis for deciding which laser system is the right one for you.

Question 1: What would you like to do with a laser machine?

Our Head of Trotec Academy and Application Competence Center – Peter Brandter – will give you an idea on what can be done with a laser machine. The answer to this question depends on what you want to achieve and what kind of products you want to produce. Additionally, it is important to know if you already have customers with certain requirements and just want to replace an existing process or start off getting into the business.

Question 2: How large should the work area be?

In this video session our Product Manager Engraving - Harald Holzner - explains the numerous advantages that come with a bigger laser machine and work area. The larger the machine the more productive and flexible you are because you save loading and unloading times, and you can process at high speed for a longer time.

Question 3: What laser power do I need?

When you are looking for a new laser machine you have to consider the size and material of the object and the application you intent to do. Harald Holzner, Product Manager Engraving, will explain in this session why the laser power is a crucial factor and what advantages come along with higher laser power.

Question 4: What are the costs of a laser system?

We have asked our Regional Director EMEA - Martin Horne – what costs should be considered when investing in a laser system. In this video he explains why it is important to keep an eye on the total costs of ownership and which factors like machine configuration, and throughput have an impact on the total invest.

Question 5: Which services do the different laser manufacturers offer before the purchase?

Martin Horne – Regional Director EMEA at Trotec - goes into more detail about the pre-sales services, which should be offered by the manufacturer. Besides finding the right machine you should also look for samples made from the potential manufacturer and if possible, visit the company for a live demo.

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Question 6: What can I expect from the after-sales service offered by the various manufacturers?

In this video session our Head of Technical Support - Franz Gruber - goes into more detail about the after sales services, which should be offered by the various manufacturers. No matter where you are located you should always get fast support by phone, remote, or directly on-site at you company. Maintenance videos can give clear instructions that have a positive effect on the lifetime of the machine.

Question 7: How easy is the operation of the laser?

Peter Brandtner, our Head of Trotec Academy and Application Competence Center explains to you how easy and intuitive it is to use a laser – from design to finished product. Learn more about what to take care about that eases the work with the laser in your daily business.

Question 8: What services does the manufacturer offer, if my product portfolio expands?

In this video session our Product Manager Engraving - Harald Holzner - shows what optional accessories should be available by the laser manufacturer and why it is worth investing in a laser system that can be expanded if your needs change.

Question 9: Do I invest in an integrated overall system?

Harald Holzner - our Product Manager Engraving - explains the advantages of partnering up with a laser manufacturer that offers an integrated system consisting of laser machine, laser software and exhaust system.

Question 10: What do I have to consider when setting up the laser machine?

Our Head of Technical Support – Franz Gruber – tells us what to consider for the initial set up. To find the right place for your machine not only the size and weight matters, also some basic ergonomics like having enough space to load and unload the laser or environmental conditions like temperature, humidity or dust from other machines need to be considered.

The manufacturer should support you not only with the save transport of the machine to your premise, but also advice you on the laser software so that everything is set up to your needs quickly.

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