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Graffiti Shield found a single source solution in Trotec's laser machine. The SP2000 allowed to increase the cut quality to meet OEM standards, accommodate anti-graffiti shield sheet sizes for large transit windows and operate as a safety class 2 laser.


Anti-graffiti films


California, USA

Laser machine

2x SP2000

A Holistic Approach to Graffiti Control.

Graffiti Shield is a manufacturing converter of anti-graffiti films and surface protection films. They specialize in creating custom anti-graffiti shields, or sacrificial films, to protect new surfaces or cover up existing vandalization. Most of their customers fall in the mass transit industry and are located in metropolis areas such as Los Angeles, Seattle and New York. In addition, they install anti-graffiti films in commercial properties for the protection of elevators and escalators. Graffiti Shield’s headquarters, located in Anaheim, California, currently operates with two SP2000 100w to create customized surface protection solutions.

Graffiti Shield contacted Trotec to improve quality and expand product offerings.

Before purchasing a Trotec laser system, Graffiti Shield manufactured anti-graffiti films using other technologies such as knife cutters and CNC machines. For a time, those technologies were producing adequate quality, but were not able to achieve OEM quality standards that some of their clients required. They were also experiencing limitations regarding material size. Working with mass transit agencies requires creating custom solutions for large surfaces such as train and bus windows. Unfortunately, the equipment Graffiti Shield was previously operating with was unable to produce the required specifications, so they decided to research laser technology. After speaking with other laser manufacturers, Graffiti Shield found they were unable to provide the necessary size and safety requirements. Soon after, Graffiti Shield reached out to Trotec Laser.

Graffiti Shield SP2000 laser cutter

“Trotec really put us in a new arena.” - Jeff Schuch

Initially, Graffiti Shield reached out to multiple different laser manufacturers only to find they were unable to provide a solution that addressed their size requirements and desired safety features. After experiencing the capabilities of the other systems, Graffiti Shield contacted the Trotec sales representative in the area, Gary Sheriff. After speaking at length with Trotec and receiving a product demonstration, Graffiti Shield found that the SP2000 was able to increase cut quality to meet OEM standards, accommodate anti-graffiti shield sheet sizes for large transit windows AND operate as a safety class 2 laser – no other laser manufacturer could present all of these features in a single-source solution. Since purchasing their laser, Graffiti Shield has been able to accept a wider range of custom jobs because of the machine’s size, precision and speed. Because of this influx of custom jobs, Graffiti Shield bought a second SP2000 shortly after and plans to expand with the addition of a SP3000 in the near future.

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