'High-Quality' Mode

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laser engraving with high-quality mode
laser engraving with high-quality mode

"What is 'high-quality' mode and when should I use it?"

'High-Quality' mode is a function that can be found within the JobControl® laser software. It only takes a simple click of your mouse to create beautiful engraving results of the highest quality. However, by focusing on quality, the engraving time may be a little longer than normal. However, the 'high-quality' mode can be used whenever you want a very high-quality engraving result and time is not an immediate consideration.

high-quality mode - standard mode

"How does 'high-quality' mode work?"

When in 'high-quality' mode, the laser travels across the entire width of the material at the same speed, but only marks the defined areas. This means that all jobs will be engraved at the same time across the entire engraving surface. The result is a very even, homogeneous laser engraving. 

When 'high-quality' mode is not activated, the head will usually travel at a higher speed but only over the width of the area that is being engraved. This means that the material may be engraved deeper in some areas due to the different exposure times. 'High-quality' mode is a more controlled way of lasering. 

TLDR: Always activate 'high-quality' mode when a clean and perfect engraving result is desired, and the length of the engraving time is not critical. If you've got the time, why not?

high-quality mode in jobcontrol software

"How do I activate 'high-quality mode'?"

To activate 'high-quality' mode, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the materials database in JobControl
  • Open the drop-down menu under 'advanced' (in the right column)
  • Click on 'optimised quality'

We recommend always using this feature when the focus is on the quality of the result, not how quick you can complete it. Also, a lower resolution can save you a little bit of time but will lower the overall quality of the engraving.

The standard laser parameters that can be found on our website always have the 'high-quality' mode activated.

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