Best laser cutter for small business

Which laser cutters are best for small businesses or when starting a business?

It is important to create a firm business plan when starting a business or entering the laser cutter business. From this, you’ll know the most important topics to discuss with your laser machine consultant:

  1. What can be produced with a laser machine?
  2. How many machines do you need for a targeted production volume?
  3. How many employees are needed to start a laser business, or should it be supervised by one person at the beginning?
  4. How much space is required for one or more laser machines?
  5. Which technical and safety regulations need to be followed?

You will find answers to the most important questions as well as further links in the following FAQs. Take your time to explore the technical, organisational and costing issues and contact our Trotec experts in case you need help – they will be happy to advise you.

How do I get started with a laser cutter business?

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What applications can be made with the best laser cutter for small businesses?

What sets a laser cutter apart is the clean machining and processing of countless materials. With laser cutters, you can cut and engrave a wide variety of materials. Therefore, laser cutters offer small businesses interesting opportunities in the production of signs, decorative items, prototypes and models. Personalised gifts, promotional items and simple everyday objects are unique items that can generate significant profit.

With laser technology, you can flexibly produce both one-off pieces and high order volumes and work very profitably.

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What materials can a small business process with the best laser cutter models?

Laser machines work in the field of thermal cutting – wherever cutting, engraving or marking is required, the laser beam hits the material with high energy so that it vaporises. Amazingly clean cuts, engravings and markings can be made with high precision and speed.

The variety of materials that a laser cutter can process offers a wide range of products for your customers: wood, paper, plastic, textile, glass, metals and many more...

What laser cutters are available for small businesses?

The Trotec Speedy series includes the Speedy 400, the fastest and most productive laser cutter on the market. Speedy series models are available in different sizes and have the following features:

  • Dimension of the working area
  • Laser power CO2
  • Laser power fiber

What distinguishes the machines from this series?

  • High quality and speed, producing clean cuts and engravings (4.3 m/s and 5g acceleration).
  • The motion control system OptiMotionTM, which automatically adapts the cutting speed to the geometry, delivers even greater contour accuracy when cutting, as well as maximum productivity.
  • flexx Technology: CO2 and fiber laser sources are housed in one machine. This allows a wide variety of materials, including wood and metal to be processed in a single step.
  • Multi-functional table concept:  Depending on application, the ideal table can be selected and easily switched to ensure the highest processing quality and productivity.

Whom do laser cutters from the Speedy series suit?

Sign makers, advertising technicians, creative people who like to realise their ideas and create individual products and designs.

Is it possible to turn a profit quickly with laser cutters?

A laser cutter  gives you the ability to produce and personalise a wide variety of different products and materials through laser cutting and engraving. High utilisation of the machine can generate additional sales. Consider offering personalised products. Personalised items delight customers and fetch higher market prices – product personalisation often attracts 5 to 10 times the price of a standard product.

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Are there any additional tips & tricks that small businesses should keep in mind in the laser cutter business?

Trotec Academy

In our Academy program, you can learn about topics like photo engraving, acrylic cutting, woodworking with the laser cutter and how laser engraving and cutting can be made more precise. For new users we offer seminars on laser basics: material processing, laser cutting and engraving.
Get more tips & tricks through our Trotec Academy trainings.

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What service and support does Trotec offer small businesses for best laser cutters?

Trotec laser cutters incorporate a variety of patented technological developments that are designed, among other things, to maximise service life and minimise maintenance.

Nevertheless, there may come a time when you need support, questions may arise or a fault may occur. Our experts from service and support are available to make sure your machine rapidly resumes operation.

Because individual requirements require individual advice.
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